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Items can be purchased from stores (Shop.png) that are placed randomly in the dungeon. To start with, only Item Ranks 1 to 5 will appear in shops. For each of the 12 basic classes that completes Normal Mode, the Item Rank limit will increase by 2. For every class that completes the Library Challenge, the Item Rank limit will increase by 1.

Rank Name Cost
1 Pendant of health 25 Adds 10 to maximum health
2 Pendant of mana 20 Adds 2 to maximum mana
3 Fine sword 25 Increases base damage by 5
4 Health potion 12 Restores 40% of your health, or 100% for Priests; cures poison
5 Mana potion 12 Restores 40% of your mana, or 100% for Bloodmages; cures mana burn
6 Bloody sigil 15 Adds 10 to maximum health, reduces damage bonus by 20%
7 Viper ward 25 Grants immunity to poison
8 Soul orb 30 Grants immunity to mana burn
9 Troll heart 10 Adds 1 extra health every time you gain a level
10 Tower shield 35 Grants +10% physical resistance
11 Mage helm 32 Grants +10% magical resistance
12 Scouting orb 21 Increases your sight radius. (Tiles 2 away from you are semivisible)
13 Blue bead 22 Offers extra +1 mana after every kill
14 Stone of seekers 26 Reveal the location of all monsters.
15 Spoon 1 Increases base damage by 1
16 Stone sigil 45 Grants immunity to death gaze
17 Badge of courage 20 Provides death protection
18 Talisman of rebirth 52 Instantly restores health to maximum, cures poison
19 Sign of the spirits 62 Instantly restores mana to maximum, cures mana burn
20 Bonebreaker 29 Adds a 30% damage bonus to your next attack only.
21 Stone heart 31 Restores 2 health whenever a wall is destroyed
22 Fire heart 38 Restores 10 health whenever an undead creature is destroyed
23 Platemail 50 Grants +20% physical resistance
24 Mage plate 45 Grants +20% magical resistance
25 Venom blade 55 Regular attacks do poison damage
26 Flaming sword 35 Attack damage counts as magical damage
27 Dancing sword 44 Grants first strike
28 Zombie Dog 1 Provides death protection
29 Dwarven gauntlets 60 Attack bonus +20%, health bonus +2
30 Elven boots 65 Dodge bonus +20%, mana bonus +2
31 Keg o' health 55 3 health potions
32 Keg o' magic 55 3 mana potions
33 WEYTWUT glyph 50 Creates the WEYTWUT glyph
34 HALPMEH glyph 50 Creates the HALPMEH glyph
35 BLUDTUPOWA glyph 50 Creates the BLUDTUPOWA glyph
36 Crystal ball 50 Regenerates your mana twice as quickly
37 Agnostic's collar 100 Allows you to safely renounce your current deity
38 Vampiric sword 65 Adds 20% life steal
39 Spiked flail 80 Adds 50% knockback
40 Alchemist's scroll 72 Drinking a potion adds 6 max health permanently
41 Ring of the battlemage 90 Adds +50% fireball damage
42 Wicked guitar 70 Increases base damage by 10, reduces life steal by 20%
43 Berserker's blade 120 Increases damage bonus by 50%, reduces maximum mana to 1
44 Magician's moonstrike 120 Adds 15 to maximum mana, reduces base damage to 1
45 Terror slice 120 Increases damage bonus by 100%, reduces maximum health to 1
46 Amulet of Yendor 115 Grants 50 bonus experience points
47 Orb of Zot 120 Temporarily sets all monsters to 50% health
  • Tinkers get a 20% discount on store prices, rounded up.


To begin with, only 3 stores are created in each dungeon. This can be increased by 1 for every 3 classes that complete the Factory Challenge. In addition, the Tinker class will cause an extra 6 stores to be created when the game begins.

Item selection is not equally distributed within the Item Rank limit. Only the final shop created will be able to pick randomly from the full limit. The rest pick from a subset of the list based on what items have been unlocked and how many shops are to be created. If 9 shops were created, then the first shop would only be able to choose from the bottom 9th of the list; the second shop would then be able to choose from the bottom 2/9ths of the list, so long as it doesn't pick whatever the first shop has. This continues until all shops have selected the item to be sold.

As an example, on a new profile, the first shop would only be able to stock the Pendant of health (Item Rank 1). The second shop would only choose from the Pendant of mana and the Fine sword, which are Item Ranks 2 to 3: it can't pick Item Rank 1 because the first shop created is already stocking that. Finally, the third shop can have any of the remaining unselected items up to the starting limit of Item Rank 5. This gives a 100% chance of the Pendant of health appearing, a 66% chance each of the Pendant of mana and Fine Sword appearing, and a 33% chance each of the Health potion or Mana potion appearing on a starting profile.

Because of this, increasing the number of shops spawned also increases the chance of getting items closer to the current Item Rank limit. It's also worth noting that this makes the availability of top tier items limited: with 9 Shops and the full 47 Item Rank Limit, only one item out of Item Ranks 42 to 47 can possibly be found in a single game, and only two out of Item Ranks 37 to 47.