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Monster Attributes

Health and Attack apply to normal monsters of Level 1 to 9. For L10 enemies, see the Bosses page.

Image Name Attack Health Abilities Boss Notes
Animated Armour 160% Always 1 Death protection (1 point per level) Only found in Factory
Bandit 70% 80% Poison attack, Mana burn Nine Toes Unlocked by completing Rogue
Dragonspawn 100% 125% Magical attack Matron of Flame Unlocked by completing Monk
Goat 100% 75% Magical resist 25% Gharbad the- whoah! Unlocked by completing Wizard
Goblin 120% 100% First strike Lord Gobb
Golem 100% 100% Magic resist 50% The Iron Man Unlocked by completing Sorcerer
Goo blob 100% 100% Physical resist 50% Tower of goo Unlocked by completing Berserker
Gorgon 100% 70% First strike, Death gaze (Player health lower than 50%) Medusa Unlocked by completing Thief
Imp 100% 80% Blinks Only found in Library
Meat man 65% 200% Super meat man
Naga 100% 100% Weaken attack Only found in Snake Pit
Serpent 100% 100% Poison attack Nidhogg Unlocked by completing Priest
Vampire 100% 100% Undead, Life steal (top 40% of hero health) Only found in Crypt. The life steal occurs when the monster is revealed, not on attack.
Warlock 135% 100% Magical attack Aequitas
Wraith 100% 75% Undead, Magical attack, Mana burn, Physical resist 30% Tormented One Unlocked by completing Fighter
Zombie 100% 150% Undead Frank the zombie

Monster Abilities

  • Physical resist - The enemy takes this much less damage from your melee attacks, unless you have the Magical attack ability.
  • Magical resist - The enemy takes this much less damage from the BURNDAYRAZ glyph, and also from your melee if you have the Magical attack ability. They also have this much chance of resisting targetted Glyph spells.
  • First strike - The enemy will attack you first in a melee battle no matter the circumstances. The only exception is for Assassins using their SWIFT HAND ability to instantly kill a lower levelled monster.
  • Undead - The enemy is immune to the effects of the APHEELSIK Glyph. Note that the Venom Blade and Gorgons can still poison Undead with their melee attack.
  • Magical attack - The melee attack of this enemy causes magic damage, and is thus resisted by Magical resist rather than Physical resist. A Berserker, for instance, with 50% Magical Resist would tend to take less damage from an enemy with Magical attack than from one that does not.
  • Poison attack - The melee attack of this enemy will inflict Poison status on you, unless you are immune to Poison. Poison prevents you from regenerating your health whilst uncovering unexplored areas. (Note for all Transmuters: while you still can be poisoned, the effect of poison will have no effect on your health regeneration since transmuters cannot regenerate health by exploring anyway.)
  • Mana burn - The melee attack of this enemy will inflict Mana Burn status on you, unless you are immune to Mana Burn. Mana Burn prevents you from regenerating your mana whilst uncovering unexplored areas.
  • Death gaze - If the enemy attacks you with melee whilst your HP is below the indicated percentage of your Max HP, then it will attempt to instantly kill you via petrification. Death Protection can help prevent this. It has no effect if your HP is equal to or above the listed percentage before the melee attack is initiated.
  • Blinks - Upon receiving damage, even from a spell, the enemy will warp to a random unobstructed spot on the map. If this is an unexplored region, you may find it difficult to reach the enemy again before it can regenerate all its lost health.
  • Weaken attack - The melee attack of this enemy will reduce your Max HP and Base Damage by 1 each, down to a minimum of 1. This only takes effect if the enemy's attack causes damage to you. The decrease in Health and Damage is permanent.
  • Life steal - When you uncover the tile this enemy is standing, then they will absorb health from you until you are brought below a specific percentage of your Max HP. For instance, 40% Life Steal would absorb health from you until you're brought to 60% of your Max HP or below. This can only be done once when you uncover their tile.
  • Death protection - Every hit that would normally kill the enemy will instead leave them with 1 HP remaining. Enemies can have multiple levels of Death protection, with each level protecting from one hit. It is possible to remove two levels of Death protection at once via the Sorcerer's MANA SHIELD ability.