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Lets you prep weapons and stuff.

Unlocked after beating two of the three introductory dungeons. 200 gold for level 1. Level 2 upgrade unlocks after you upgrade one of your class buildings to level 2. Level 3 upgrade unlocks after you upgrade two of your class buildings to level 3.


Level 0 - Metalworker

Wrenches and crowbars are cute, but this place will be so much nicer once it moves on to real weapons.

  • Description: A humble blacksmith in your Kingdom has taken note of all the recent adventuring and would like to move beyond producing mere farm equipment. If you put some money towards the facilities she needs, she should be able to set up a small armory for your heroes. Upgrading this building will allow you to buy equipment.
  • Cost to upgrade: 200 gold

Level 1 - Slashing & Things

The local smithy is always hard at work, supplying adventurers with enough basic gear to help them not immediately die.

  • Description: Need some weapons or armour? Looking at price before quality? Not likely to sue for breakages? Slashing & Things has something for YOU! This building has several preparation slots filled with stock. Adventurers may buy these items before dungeon runs.
  • Cost to upgrade: 600 gold
  • Item: Sword Sword
  • Item: Shield Shield
  • Item: Bear Mace Bear Mace

Level 2 - S&T Emporium

Need better-than-average dungeon supplies? Visit your friendly local forge!

  • Description: Slashing & Things: now with expanded stock and 20% increased hero survivability! Just ask any of our satisfied, still-living-and-breathing customers what they thought of our service!
  • Cost to upgrade: 1250 gold
  • Item: Slaying Wand Slaying Wand
  • Item: Perseverance Badge Perseverance Badge

Level 3 - S&T Megasmith

The Megasmith: for times when normal-sounding shop names simply won't do.

  • Description: The Slashing & Things Megasmith is here to serve all your metalworking needs! Kill and maim to your heart's content with our premium monster smashing equipment!
  • Item: Really Big Sword Really Big Sword