Finding a Way

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Transmuter Bronze.PNG

The Finding a Way dungeon is the Class: Transmuter Transmuter bronze challenge. It is a rectangular piece of landmass with some walls, surrounded on both sides by water.


None allowed.

Resources Available

Only the standard Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ glyph is fixed. There are no shops, altars or subdungeons.

Special Rules

Thanks to the stripes of water areas on both sides of the land, 60% of this dungeon is covered by water, so your Glyph: LEMMISI LEMMISI will be needed to gain exploration bonus from these areas.


This dungeon will host all unlocked monsters. Monster difficulty corresponds to an 'Easy' dungeon (monster Attack and Health at 90%).


The boss is Rockslide (Monster: Golem Golem icon, Attack 67, Health 429, Cowardly).


Recommended race: Race: Orc Orc (or any other)

The main challenge on this level is the low amount of landmass. This prevents you from doing a lot of exploration, limiting both your regeneration, as well as your ability to access items or pick ideal monsters to fight. Luckily, these hindrances are easy to circumvent for the Transmuter, as the free LEMMISI glyph allows remote exploration of areas, and the SPIRIT SWORD ability allows to kill several levels higher monsters if used properly. This challenge can be won by any race, Class: Transmuter Orc Transmuter is recommended slightly over the other races as the additional early game punch of extra Base Damage can help take on a tougher monster at an early choke-point.