Fun with Trolls

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Our explorers have uncovered a den of particularly tenacious — bu somewhat cowardly — cave trolls. It's time to step in and save the day with arbitrary positoning requirements! Completing all of the puzzles in this pack will earn you a Kingdom cash bonus.




300  Gold Pile Icon 18.png

Solutions (spoilers)


Monster: Soko-Trolls Soko-Trolls are a special kind of monster that only appear in this map, they are impossible to kill trolls that only do one damage and run away from you everytime they get attacked. Inspired by sokoban, the player is expected to push every Level 1 Soko-Troll on the tile containing a rock emerging from lava, and then kill the Level 2 Soko-Troll.

In this guide the N/S/W/E handles will indicate the player position in respect of the Soko-Troll being "pushed"; They refer to the cardinal positon North(top), South(bottom), West(left), East(right).

Intro to Soko-Trolls

"This dungeon will give you a quick overview of the basic rules governing the Soko-Troll society."

  1. Top troll: E, E.
  2. Bottom-left troll: N, NE.
  3. Top-right troll: W.
  4. Kill the level 2 Soko-Troll.

Soko-Trolls 1

"A simple Soko-Troll challenge for beginners."

  1. Bottom troll: S.
  2. Center-right troll: SW, NW.
  3. Top-center troll: SE, W.
  4. Center-left troll: SE, N.
  5. Center troll: N, N.
  6. Kill the level 2 Soko-Troll.

Soko-Trolls 2

"Sometimes you can use the trolls against each other."

  1. Bottom-center troll: W, W, SW, SE, E, W, W.
  2. Top troll: E.
  3. Kill the level 2 Soko-Troll.

Soko-Trolls 3

"Dispatch with efficiency!"

  1. Top troll: N.
  2. Top-left troll: NE.
  3. Top troll: SE, SW, SW.
  4. Center troll: NE, NE.
  5. Left troll: E.
  6. Center troll: W.
  7. Kill the level 2 Soko-Troll.

Soko-Trolls 4

"What can you do with an extra tool?"

  1. Cast Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL on the center tile of the bottom wall (above your starting position).
  2. Top-left troll: E.
  3. Top-right troll: S.
  4. Bottom-right troll: W.
  5. Center-left troll: N.
  6. Bottom-left troll: SE.
  7. Kill the level 2 Soko-Troll.

Soko-Trolls 5

"A one-shot WEYTWUT is at your disposal. Use wisely."

  1. Left troll: W.
  2. Top troll: SW, S.
  3. Center troll: N, E, E.
  4. Bottom troll: N, N.
  5. While standing next to the leftmost troll, cast Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT on the Level 2 Soko-Troll.
  6. Drink the Item: Health Potion Health Potion.
  7. Center-right troll: E, W, W, W.
  8. Kill the level 2 Soko-Troll.

Soko-Trolls 6

"This puzzle comes pre-solved. Enjoy."

  1. Second troll from the left: N, N, NW.
  2. Pick up the Item: Health Potion Health Potion.
  3. Center troll: NW.
  4. Bottom-right troll: SW.
  5. Top-right troll: N, E, E.
  6. Level 2 troll: E.
  7. Drink the Item: Health Potion Health Potion
  8. Center-right troll: N.
  9. Top-left troll: N.
  10. Bottom-right troll: SW.
  11. Kill the level 2 Soko-Troll.

Soko-Trolls 7

"Sometimes, you just gotta push things around magically."

  1. Left troll: SW.
  2. Bottom troll: SE, SE.
  3. Top-left troll: SW, SW, SW.
  4. Second troll from the top: SW,
  5. Top troll: NW.
  6. Center-right troll (the one beside the Level 2): SW.
  7. Drink both Item: Health Potion Health Potions
  8. Top-right troll (the only Level 1 not on a lava tile): NW, NW, NE.
  9. While standing on the lava tile cast Glyph: PISORF PISORF to your right.
  10. Bottom-right troll (the one we just pushed): N, E.
  11. Kill the level 2 Soko-Troll.