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The Guild (or Adventurer's Guild) is a building that houses the warriors of Desktop Dungeons. Initially only the Fighter is available (at a cost of 150, provided during the tutorial). Further upgrades later unlock the Berserker and Warlord classes as well as item preparation unlocks.


Level 1

  • Cost: 150g
  • Provides:

Level 2

  • Cost: 1000g
  • Provides:
    • Class: Berserker unlocked
    • Locker: Provides 3 slots where items can be stored and used in later dungeons (at a cost)

Level 3

  • Cost: 2000g
  • Provides:
    • Class: Warlord unlocked
    • Locker slots: Provides 3 additional slots where items can be stored for a total of 6


Like other class buildings the Guild provides unique class challenges (bronze, silver, and gold) for each class.

Class Challenge Level Reward Description
Fighter Bronze 150g Bleat It Dive into a dungeon filled with a multitude of Goats and a Gorgon boss.
Silver 250g ??
Gold ?? ??
Berserker Bronze 250g ??
Silver ?? ??
Gold ?? ??
Warlord Bronze ?? ??
Silver ?? ??
Gold ?? ??