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(Oh god I put in gnomes instead of halflings)
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''Learn a little more about your freshly-earned halfling race!  Completeing all of the puzzles in this pack will earn you the Viper Ward''
== Reward ==
{{i|Viper Ward}}
== Solutions (spoilers) ==
=== Intro to Halflings ===
''"Find out exactly what makes these hairy-footed fellas special."''
# {{s|GETINDARE}} the goat.
# Get the Combat pickup.
# {{s|BYSSEPS}} the {{m|Gorgon}}.
# {{s|BYSSEPS}} and {{s|GETINDARE}} to kill {{m|Gorgon}}.
# Kill both {{m|Meat Man}}.
# {{s|BYSSEPS}} the {{m|Jormungandr}}.
# {{s|BYSSEPS}} and level up off of the last {{m|Meat Man}}.
# {{s|BYSSEPS}} and attack {{m|Jormangandr}} until hit would result in death.
# {{s|BYSSEPS}} one last time then convert it and consume health potion.
# {{s|GETINDARE}} and kill for win.
=== Halfling Trial ===
''"Can you manage your health resources in a slightly more advanced scenario?"''
# {{s|BURNDAYRAZ}} the {{m|Goblin}}.
# {{s|BYSSEPS}} {{m|Goblin}} once.
# {{s|BYSSEPS}} again and convert and consume the {{s|BYSSEPS}} rune.
# Kill {{m|Goblin}}.
# {{s|BURNDAYRAZ}} then {{s|GETINDARE}} the {{m|Warlock}}
# Kill the {{m|Meat Man}} and {{m|Goblin}} normally.
# Attack {{m|Zombie}} twice then {{s|GETINDARE}} to kill it.
# {{s|BURNDAYRAZ}} the {{m|Jormungandr}} then convert all runes.
# Consume ONE {{i|Health Potion}} and attack twice (Uses {{s|Death Protection}}).
# Convert {{i|Shield}} and consume all potions.
# Kill {{m|Jormungandr}}
=== Ring of Death ===
''"The enemy has heavily fortified itself, but you think you've found a way around"''

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