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Learn a little more about your freshly-earned gnome race! Completing all the puzzles in this pack will earn you the Soul Orb


Item: Soul Orb Soul Orb

Solutions (spoilers)


Intro to Gnomes

"Discover the chemical secrets of the gnome's racial perk!"

  1. Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE and attack the Monster: Naga Naga.
  2. Pick up the Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL.
  3. Cast Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL on the wall separating you and the remaining 2 monsters.
  4. With the Glyph: Physical resist Physical resist]] attack the Monster: Jormungandr Jormungandr.
  5. Convert Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL and consume the potion.
  6. Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE the remaining Monster: Naga Naga and level up.
  7. Attack the Monster: Jormungandr Jormungandr until the next hit will kill you (consume your Glyph: Death Protection Death Protection]])
  8. Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE and kill the Monster: Jormungandr Jormungandr.

Gnome Trial

"Can you manage your magical resources in a slightly more advanced scenario?"

In the Middle

"Surrounded on all sides! Only the most cunning escape plan can save you now."