In Cold Blood

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The In Cold Blood dungeon is the Class: Assassin Assassin gold Challenge.

The map is similar to Havendale Bridge, including bridge troll, but ice-themed this time around. A one-way staircase leads to a labyrinth subdungeon where the boss can be fought.

Altars to Dracul, Binlor and/or Taurog are available, but not accessible from the subdungeon.


None allowed.


  1. Draugr - 954 HP, 56 ATK, Poisonous, Blinks, Undead (toggles), Bloodless (toggles). In addition, he will summon Thralls (level 9, bloodless, undead) and level 10 Berserkers (which drop Rock Crushers) whenever he's hit.


Goblin Assassin is usually the best pick; between the level 9 Thralls and converting Rock Crushers, you can get several level-ups during the boss fight.

Make sure to reveal the entire area and open a few secondary paths before starting the Draugr fight proper (PISORF or ENDISWAL is a must). PISORF-ing him will cause a few enemies to spawn if you need a pre-fight level-up.

The fight can be done with either Taurog equipment or a good set of Dracul abilities. Consider a conversion to Binlor before leaving the main map to avoid Dracul's heavy piety markdowns.

Alternative: Obtain ENDISWAL from Binlor. In the subdungeon, attack Draugr until he toggles to non-undead. Now he can be poisoned, so alternate APHEELSIK and exploration until Draugr is poisoned for 100+ tiles. Then start the fight proper: attack and chase him with fireballs until he dies - you will have almost a full screen of exploration at your disposal to regenerate mana. A BLUDTUPOWA glyph helps, but is by no means mandatory. ENDISWAL helps you circumvent the respawning enemies.

Yet another strategy: fireball the boss a few times to make a bunch of guys. Level off the level 10 guys until you are level 10 yourself. Chase the boss with fireballs to generate dudes until all the blackspace is gone, then poison him when he is no longer undead. After that, it's a simple matter of whacking him while refilling off the level 9 guys. It helps to have an ENDISWAL, but the wall crushers should mitigate a lack of the glyph.