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OrcHero.png Orc

80 points = +2 Base Damage

Suggested Classes Berserker, Rogue, Monk, Warlord, Crusader
Lives in Orc Mansion
Class portraits
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Orcs work as a more feral version of the human and are considerably more difficult to play effectively, but in the hands of an expert they end up being incredibly powerful. Although orcs will eventually become weaker than the humans at higher levels, the Orc is indisputably the most powerful race for a low-level character, and with the right bonuses will rival the human even at level 10.

Orc vs Human Comparison

The human's conversion provides attack bonus, while the orc's conversion bonus provides base damage. Understanding the difference between these two is important to knowing when to use humans and when to use Orcs.

Your total damage is equal to your attack bonus multiplied by your base attack. This ironically means that humans (with a high attack bonus) are always looking for ways to boost their base attack, and orcs (with a high base attack) are always looking for ways to boost their attack bonus. There are more class benefits, items and power-ups to improve your attack bonus for the orc, but base attack improves naturally as you level up so humans will eventually overtake the orc anyways as they reach higher levels. Generally speaking, orcs have a better early game than humans, allowing to get those early level catapults easier, but requiring a bit more effort to kill tougher monsters.

Orcs are overwhelmingly powerful at low levels, even potion races spiking with their potions cannot compete with orcs. If you have tougher early game, like preparing !Vicious Token.png vicious token, orc is a default option to start with. However, as you level, orc's bonus degrades. This makes orc being desperate to convert things earlier to use their true power. After lv5-6, orcs will lose its power and become weaker than humans. But if orcs can find high attack bonus from items or boons or class traits, orc can compete with humans at high levels. Class: Monk Monk and Class: Rogue Rogue have later cross points (around 7-9), thus prefer being an orc more than a human. God: Binlor Binlor also provides a huge attack bonus from Class trait: might might and knockback therefore fits well with orcs.


Orcs require a large number of conversion points in order to make the most out of their stacking racial bonus. This means preparing a sensation stone and a conversion seal is a very good idea. They also need a large attack bonus to multiply their high base attack. This means the Bonus Attack Booster preparation is highly recommended.

Orcs complement classes with high attack bonus values very well. They also complement the Monk very well, helping him overcome his low base attack modifier. Base attack also boosts the effect of the PISORF glyph, but because this glyph has roughly a 1 in 3 chance of actually appearing it's generally unwise to plan an elaborate strategy around it.

Orcs work best for Berserkers, Warlords, Rogues, Monks, and Crusaders.

Berserker With little use for glyphs and a sizable attack bonus, the Berserker makes an excellent selection for an Orc.

Warlord Benefiting from increased attack bonus after using mana potions or when at low health, the Warlord benefits well from the Orc's base attack. He also has little use for any glyphs other than CYDSTEPP, so you can freely convert as needed.

Rogue With unconditionally high attack bonus, the Rogue is a class that just screams for you to play Orc, but you will need to find some way to boost his survivability.

Monk One glyph conversion overcomes one level of the Monk's base damage penalty. The Monk has little use for most glyphs and desperately needs ways to boost his abysmal base attack. Orc is a great pick here.

Crusader With his momentum bonus and a few other perks, Crusaders can exceed 300% attack bonus. This is quite possibly the Orc at his finest, and there is really no reason to play any other race when you're a Crusader. Optimized Orc Crusaders have been known to defeat the boss as 1st level characters.