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Paladin Silver

God - Taurog

Boss - Scalespit - Dragon Spawn - 168 damage, 1428 health, magical attack, mana burn, 75% magic resist

Mobs - Dragon Spawn, Snakes, Goo Blob, Animated Armour, Steel Golem

Hmm, death protection is 16 + 8 for the paladin. For n death protections that's n * 8 + n * (n + 1) * 8 /2 mana cost which means a 112 mana for 4 death protections. No not enough, dang.

Berserker Gold

Only god allowed to prep is MA, only altar in the dungeon is Pactmaker (twice, so I think that's definite).

Boss has 95% physical resist, have to erode it with Bycepps? or just be a caster?

Not feasible -> Plan: Get MA + Body Pact. Erode the boss while farming resistance for self. If possible get restoration.

New plan: Take consensus ASAP then the spell cost boon from MA. Play the rest of the level like a caster.

Warlord Gold

Set in Rock Garden

Boss - Tower of Bleat - 90 damage, 380 health, 75% physical resist

          Super Bleat Man - 58 damage, 1140 health

Gods - EM, JJ, Dracul (at least that's all you can prep)

Not sure how to play this one, probably prep JJ and go gnome

EM may be useful since corrosion is unaffected by resistance

Goat revenants spawn instead of golems. 10 health, 999 damage, undead first strike no xp

Plants drop goat horn, small item +5% damage