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Paladin Silver

God - Taurog

Boss - Scalespit - Dragon Spawn - 168 damage, 1428 health, magical attack, mana burn, 75% magic resist

Mobs - Dragon Spawn, Snakes, Goo Blob, Animated Armour, Steel Golem

Hmm, death protection is 16 + 8 for the paladin. For n death protections that's n * 8 + n * (n + 1) * 8 /2 mana cost which means a 112 mana for 4 death protections. No not enough, dang.

Berserker Gold

Only god allowed to prep is MA, only altar in the dungeon is Pactmaker (twice, so I think that's definite).

Boss has 95% physical resist, have to erode it with Bycepps? or just be a caster?

Not feasible -> Plan: Get MA + Body Pact. Erode the boss while farming resistance for self. If possible get restoration.

New plan: Take consensus ASAP then the spell cost boon from MA. Play the rest of the level like a caster.

Warlord Gold

Set in Rock Garden

Boss - Tower of Bleat - 90 damage, 380 health, 75% physical resist,

Gods - EM, JJ, Dracul (at least that's all you can prep)

Not sure how to play this one, probably prep JJ and go gnome