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Is the no subdungeon thing true for any version? There are subdungeons on the iOS and web versions.

"The Cursed Shade drops the Dragon Soul item when slain"

I've tested the Cursed Oasis in Enhanced Edition with two classes, and the Cursed Shade no longer drops the Dragon Soul item when slain. Also, the Dragon Soul appears red, not purple.

Re: there used to be a bug during Enhanced Edition development, where some of the palette-swap items showed reverted colors. This was fixed in one of the later patches. I recommend making sure your game can receive update patches (whether steam or gog version) to get the latest patched version of the game. (Also I just did a quick CO run to test, and the Cursed Shade dropped the proper Dragon Soul... This might be a version thing too, or it may be somehow linked to whether you have the item unlocked or not, because in previous version this was actually one of the ways to unlock Dragon Soul.) Tinker (talk) 20:17, 15 December 2015 (UTC)