Tower of Gaan-Telet

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Gaan-Talet is a difficult, multi-layered dungeon. Like Halls of Steel, there is a Hard and Vicious difficulty available. Hard is unlocked by collecting at least one of every monster trophy at the Taxidermist. Vicious (often considered to be the most difficult dungeon in the game) is unlocked by completing the quest to defeat Hard with the Purist badge.


The exterior of Gaan-Talet contains the shops, glyphs, and boosters of a normal dungeon. There are no altars (on the outside), and there is no normal subdungeon, although the Smuggler's Den will appear if you prep it. Ordinary monsters from level 1-7 appear on the outside; there are no level 8+ monsters or bosses on the outside. The inside of the tower begins revealed.

To complete Gaan-Talet, you must enter a series of special subdungeons inside the tower. Once all enemies in each level are defeated, the next becomes available.


On Hard, you must clear three subdungeons, plus Horatio's. On Vicious, you must clear 9.

Each subdungeon is a small level, initially unexplored, containing several tough monsters (one of which is exotic), an altar, and a exotic, useful item. On Vicious, this means that every altar will eventually be available. To make life even harder, most levels will give you some kind of penalty when you enter. (A few, including the first, do not.) You can travel freely between the current subdungeon, previous subdungeons, and the exterior.

The first, second, and third subdungeons contain monsters of level 8, 9, and 10, respectively. The 10th level monsters are not bosses, simply scaled-up monsters (for instance, the 10th level Goo Blob has Physical Resistance of only 50%, not 75%). In Vicious, subdungeons 4-9 also have 10th-level monsters; on each level, the monsters get a progressively larger HP and Attack bonus.

The monsters in the subdungeons are - similarly to bosses - immune to the instant kill effects of Slayer Wand, IMAWAL or the Glowing Guardan's Absolution boon.


These will occur in a random order when you first enter each subdungeon.

  • The subdungeon is completely revealed when you enter, providing no exploration healing.
  • All monsters in this subdungeon gain No XP.
  • All monsters in this subdungeon gain Bloodless (Lifesteal doesn't work, and they don't leave a blood pool.)
  • All monsters in this subdungeon gain First Strike.
  • All monsters in this subdungeon gain Retaliate: Fireball.
  • You gain Poisoned, Mana Burn, and one stack each of Weakened and Corroded.
  • You gain three stacks of Cursed.

Exotic Monsters and Items

Again, these will occur in a random order; however, the monsters and items are linked.

  • Goblin Miner (Knockback, Mana burn) with 2 Wall Crushers. The Wall Crushers are not of much use, but convert for 25 CP each.
  • Dancing Sword (1 Death Protection/level, Blink) with the sword "Penance". Penance grants 2 base attack and 1 base mana, but grants a penalty of 1 base attack and mana if you convert it from inventory. Converting right from the ground does not induce the penalty.
  • Burn Viper (Blink, Mana burn) with a Cracked Amulet (when consumed, 5 XP).
  • Golden Statue (1 damage only, but has No XP, a lot of hit points, Weakening Blow, and Corrodes) with the Long Rant (when consumed, afflicts 3 stacks of Corroded on all enemies on the level).
  • Gelatinous Thing (Retaliate: Fireball) with Nom Nom (when consumed, poisons you but acts as a health booster).
  • Bridge Troll(50% Physical and Magic Resist, Fast Regen, Berserk at 50%) with a Sensation Stone (convert for 150 CP). The Bridge Troll is one of the more difficult monsters, but it drops a second Sensation Stone, making this a mixed blessing level.
  • Dragon Elite (50% Magic Resist, Poisonous, Curse Bearer) with a Compression Seal
  • Illusion (50% Physical Resist, Weakening Blow, Retaliate: Fireball) with the Ritual Scroll (when consumed, +5% Physical and Magic Resist, but 3 stacks of Cursed).
  • Immortal Yin (no XP) with Yang's Sword (small, +3 damage, consume for a level of Death Protection). This is one of the best pairings to find, because Yin is not difficult and the item is small provides a good power boost.


The final boss is the Goat-shaped Horatio the Immortal. Despite his form, he does a relatively modest 75 damage. On Hard, he has 999 HP. On Vicious, he has 5000 HP, Physical and Magical restances of 50%, and Berserks at 50%.

On Vicious, Horatio's subdungeon will afflict you with the remaining penalty, so be alert.