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The Warlock is one of the highest damage monsters you will encounter a typical dungeon, and if you're trying to kill higher level monsters for bonus experience he's very likely able to kill you with a single blow. This makes it difficult to approach Warlocks, since they aren't particularly fragile and can actually suffer damage without going down. Their magic damage means the ENDISWAL.png ENDISWAL glyph is entirely ineffective against them.

Unless you have a significant amount of magic resist, your best approach is to damage spike Warlocks. This can be done with BURNDAYRAZ.png BURNDAYRAZ, or by using spells like CYDSTEPP.png CYDSTEPP or GETINDARE.png GETINDARE to get a free attack against them. Warlocks aren't tough enough to sustain too many hits, and any abilities that allow you to avoid one of their devastating attacks is going to be a significant benefit.

Regen-fighting a Warlock is all but impossible, and only Berserkers can realistically even attempt it. For everyone else, you'll want to either finish the battle immediately or apply poison.

Aequitas is the Warlock boss, and has no additional abilities. He is a typical high-damage/low-health boss, and much the same tactics that work against regular warlock foes will work against him. Increasing your maximum hit points to survive a single attack from this boss is a very useful approach. Magic resistance from Binlor Ironshield Icon.png Binlor Ironshield is a also a useful approach.