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The following is a list of change logs throughout Dungeon Desktops development

Current Version

Version 0.15

  • Replaced red line navigation path with footprints
  • New Class specific sprites

Older Versions

Version 0.145

  • Added Gauntlet mode
  • Ability to use class specific sprites
  • General balancing

Version 0.14

  • All new religion system where you use earned piety for specific upgrades.
  • Streamlined interface totally still lets you do all that math if you want to. You’ll wonder how you ever played it before.
  • 100% gold custom tileset by indie king-maker and all around super nice guy, Derek Yu! (Spelunky, TIGSource)
  • All your old character files will work just fine, but it’s more fun to start from scratch again. Trust us.
  • Tweaks: F2 doubles the window, F4 fullscreens, ESC no longer insta-closes and there’s even arrow-key navigation if you’re that way inclined.
  • Fresh high score lists on which to min-max freely (We may even have balanced the Vampire)
  • Even more content for the super-hardcore endgame players. Seriously, we can’t finish this thing…

Version 0.051

  • Bug fixes

Version 0.05

  • Expanded, gradual unlock systems to keep vets occupied for a while. ;)
  • Three new classes
  • Four new challenge dungeons
  • Two new races
  • Revamped religion system

Version 0.04

  • Master powerful new classes with their own special tactics and effects!
  • Unlock shops, items, enemies and special glyphs!
  • Appease a pantheon of ten different gods!
  • Post your results online for ranked dungeon runs!

Version 0.03?

  • The alchemist works now, have fun with him plz. I enjoyed designing that character, and went a bit d'oh when I saw that bug: changed a variable name at some point to adhere to naming convention and forgot to update that particular mention.
  • EXTRA EXPERIENCE earned from fighting monsters of a higher level than you (thanks Fengol!)
  • No more universe-breaking division by zero!
  • BURNDAYRAZ can be converted properly (in case any of you were having trouble)
  • Petrifying the boss no longer gives you the boss kill score, only the "BRICK 'EM" achievement. If you want to get full score, you'll have to fight the old-fashioned way.
  • Added an achievement for wiping out every single monster. It carries a chunky score bonus
  • Added the "TOOTH AND FREAKING NAIL" achievement
  • Only one enemy can be poisoned at a time. Poison expires on one enemy when another gets hit with it.