EE:The Forgotten One

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Boss: The Forgotten One
Hard Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 75 120
Health Points 636 1272
Ancient Scrapyard

The Forgotten One is a rather deadly boss despite only being "normal" difficulty. As soon as he takes damage, he activates "Soul Sword," which bumps his attack to 150, gives him Trait: Retaliate: Fireball Retaliate: Fireball, and makes all monsters on the map Trait: No Experience No Experience. Killing a monster will remove Trait: Retaliate: Fireball Retaliate: Fireball and lower attack proportional to the monster's level (bottoming out at 1), and attacking The Forgotten One will restore Trait: Retaliate: Fireball Retaliate: Fireball and increase his attack a bit back toward 150. The key is to leave enough monsters to defang The Forgotten One long enough to cleave through his rather sizable health.