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Popcorn is a colloquial term for XP-valuable monsters of a low level that are easily killed.

Popcorn is usually the result of careful play that takes advantage of the bonus experience gained from killing high-level monsters exclusively. The surplus lower-level monsters can usually be killed in a single strike, incurring no loss of health. With a large popcorn reserve, players can harvest enough popcorn to level up once or even twice in quick succession. This is a common strategy for fighting bosses or high level enemies, often called a 'mid-level ding', where a player depletes their resources before killing enough popcorn to gain a level and receive full health and mana.

Popcorn can also synergize with many gods who grant large amounts of piety for killing enemies. Popcorn can be a reserve of piety as well as XP and even health for characters with life steal

Popcorn munching is an example of multiple monsters fighting

Popcorn types

There are various types of popcorn:

  • Popcorn: A low level monster that can be harvested with little to no loss of resources
  • Salted/Seasoned (or even "buttered"): Slowing enemies is an excellent way to make out extra XP from popcorn enemies. The use of WONAFYT and WEYTWUT can be useful, as can certain items and boons.
  • Chewy: A popcorn monster that requires more than one strike to finish. Meatmen, Goo Blobs, and Dragons are frequently chewy
  • Spicy: A popcorn monster with first strike. Unless it has been slowed, it will injure you.
  • Sour: A popcorn monster with an irritating debuff, like Curse. Monsters with Weakening or Corrosion can be sour if they are also chewy or spicy.
  • Jawbreaker : A popcorn monster with deathgaze, such as a gorgon. Be extra carefull when dealing with that type of popcorn : you could easily get killed.
  • Slipery: A chewy popcorn monster with blink, such as a high level shade. Unless is has been 'salted', it might just slip away...

  • Popcorn bowl : Using WONAFYT during early exploration create what is known as a 'popcorn bowl': a central reserve of slowed monsters that are always accessible and easily harvested. This is one of the primary uses for WONAFYT and can be a very powerful resource during the late game.