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Your race determines the bonus you get for converting items. Making the most of this bonus makes a huge difference. Veteran players will often consider Race to be more important than Class or Religion when building a Desktop Dungeons character. Learning what - and when - to convert is also very important.

There are two types of Races: regular races and monster races. Regular characters are created by picking a combination of a class and a race; Monster characters on the other hand do not get to pick a class, and have both their class and race abilities determined by the Monster Class they pick.

Regular Races

There are seven playable regular races, each of which can convert Items and Glyphs into a different permanent bonus.

Race Points Conversion
Race: Human Human


+10% Bonus Damage

Race: Elf Elf


+1 Max Mana

Race: Dwarf Dwarf


+1 Max HP per level

Race: Halfling Halfling


1 Item: Health Potion Health Potion

Race: Gnome Gnome


1 Item: Mana Potion Mana Potion

Race: Orc Orc


+2 Base Damage

Race: Goblin Goblin


5+1(stacking) XP

† Stacking means the first conversion adds +1, the second adds +2, the third adds +3 and so on.

Monster Races

There are five playable Monster races. They function both as a class and a race; they determine class perks as well as conversions bonuses.

Race Points Conversion
Race: Half-Dragon Half-Dragon]]


+20% Trait: Knockback Knockback damage

Race: Vampire Vampire]]


+1 Trait: Life steal Life steal

Race: Gorgon Gorgon]]


+5% Trait: Death-gaze Death-gaze

Race: Rat Monarch Rat Monarch]]


+1 Trait: Corrosive Corrosive Strike

Race: Goatperson Goatperson]]

100 (+10)

Refills HP and MP

Amount of conversion points

In a regular dungeon, there usually are :

  • 5 glyphs (100 pts each),
  • 6 potions (10 pts each),
  • 4-8 shops (on average 30 pts each ?) (number of shops depends on the level of your Bazaar)
  • and one potion shop (10 pts).

Add to this what you bring with you (lets say, between 20 and 150 conversion points). So, if you were to convert everything, you would get between 710 and 1000 points.