Taking Heart

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The Taking Heart dungeon is the Class: Transmuter Transmuter silver challenge.


Only Mage Tower preparations are allowed.

Resources Available

The dungeon will always have the standard Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ glyph, and has regular shops. There are no altars or subdungeons.

Special Rules

All monsters in this dungeon start out as 'Pacifist' - they cannot be attacked or damaged, only Talked to. They will say: "Only the power of the spirit can weaken the protective magic over these monsters. Rechannel the natural magic from glyphs and other items into raw combat power! Only monsters of equal or lower strength than you may be affected." What this means is: whenever you trigger your Spirit Sword by reaching your conversion threshold, all monsters of currently equal or lower level will lose 'Pacifist' and can be killed normally. This in essence prevents you from gaining bonus experience by killing higher-level monsters. Note that the monsters are selected when Spirit Sword is triggered - so for example if you level up with the Goblin's bonus experience, only monsters of your previous level will be affected. Try to level up by regular monster experience and trigger your conversion afterwards.


This dungeon will host all unlocked monsters. Monster difficulty corresponds to a 'Normal' difficulty dungeon (monster Attack and Health at 100%).


The boss is Frosthand (Monster: Golem Golem icon, Attack 75, Health 477, Cowardly).


Recommended race: Race: Goblin Goblin

You need to reach level 10 (and trigger your conversion once more while you're already level 10) to be able to even attack the boss. Reaching level 10 will require lots of bonus experience, however you are not able to gain any bonus experience from higher-level kills due to the special rules on this level. So sadly, there is very little point in even attempting this challenge with any race other than Goblin, because unless you get lucky and find a teleportation spell, or happen to chance upon an Amulet of Yendor, you will simply not have enough experience to reach a level higher than 4-5.

If you do play the recommended Goblin, it is advisable to trigger a couple of conversions by repeatedly casting LEMMISI and/or converting some of the early glyphs you find (keep BURNDAYRAZ and any bonus experience glyphs). Try to gain as much bonus experience from monsters as possible via WEYTWUT, WONAFYT or IMAWAL, if some of these spawn.