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Need to differentiate between "Preparation Cost" (before you enter the dungeon) and the In-dungeon cost.

Agreed, though to be fair I've made a forum post asking the devs just to get rid of the discrepancy altogether. The rule of thumb appears to be that elite items are double the in-dungeon cost, regular items are equal to in-dungeon cost --Darvin 12:34, 21 August 2012 (CDT)

The Crystal Ball seems to increase its conversion value as it gets charged. When prepped or bought, it has 10 charges but only 1 conversion value; however, after receiving additional charges, the conversion value seems to change to 10 points per charge received (up to maximum 50 points). After discharge this also resets back to 1. I haven't tested the Fire Heart if it uses the same logic.

Layout Test...

In-dungeon Items

Icon Item Description Method of Obtaining Lockerable? Available in Shops? Cost CP
Sword.png Sword +2 base damage Blacksmith level 1 No No 25 35
Shield.png Shield -2 damage reduction Blacksmith level 1 No No 15 35
Bear Mace.png Bear Mace Your regular attack causes Knockback; +25% knockback damage Blacksmith level 1 No No 12 35

Missing items (feel free to add to this list -- Berzee 12 December 2014)

   Essence Potion (from Metal Spider Temple)
   Jadetooth's Potion

Should there be a page somewhere for discussing individual items strategically? For example, Troll Heart vs Health Pendant - the Heart only sort of wins out eventually, until you consider the fact that you get to keep the bonus after converting it. Since converting the item later on is half the point, it becomes a bit problematic to prep the item as a new player gold-wise, which is unfortunate, gold is harder to come by at this stage and fewer options are available for the locker.

It is true that you eventually get all of the information from reading about classes and dungeons, but there isn't a way to do it that's sorted by items themselves. And if something were implemented, it would probably be spotty and incomplete for a long time. - MTaur