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I did some calculations yesterday, and I found that sources of knockback damage deal their full damage when a monster is knocked into a wall, and approximately 80% damage when they're knocked into another monster. PISORF's full damage is 60% of the user's base attack, and so the against-monster damage is 48% of base attack. Additionally, fractional numbers appear to round down. I tested this with the Bear Mace, Binlor's 50% Knockback boon, and PISORF, and the results were consistent. It might not be exactly 80% when pushing against another monster, but because of the rounding down it's hard to test with that degree of precision. Winterous

Hey, I didn't want to edit the page itself, but there are some other common strategy points to consider with Pisorf. For example, due to the discrete nature of mana and turns, you sometimes find that Pisorf will just barely finish an enemy, or bring them withing first-strike kill range. Thus even when used as a secondary damage source, it is still useful. It seems to me like it tends to slightly outscale Burndayraz for mana efficiency on, say, a Fighter, but you don't get to disrupt healing or 100% count on it working all the time. Anyway, 1) discuss efficiency. 2) Discuss how it lets you finesse damage totals and penny-pinch your mana. 3) Compare drawbacks against Burndayraz. 4) Throw Lujo a bone and go on endlessly about how it's the most OP thing evar since the beginning of public alpha.MTaur

Seriously, just edit the page. It's a wiki, if you make a mistake someone else can fix it. --Darvin 04:31, 26 April 2015 (UTC)