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We are in early 2014. DD has finally fully been released, the design should be pretty stable, and strategies have evolved a lot ! So it might be high time to refresh that page...

Things that could be added/changed: - Popcorn : that concept should be added there - Acid caster - Punchomancer - rename "battle of attrition" into "Regen fighting"

I also feel that the whole page could be reorganised, to get to different level of strategies (general strategies, that any character can use, to more specific one based on some combos)


Punchomancer is definitely a strat. If you're prepping Binlor and a Crystal Ball and playing Orc while you're at it, you're devoting a lot more to PISORF than you would if you were someone who was going with some other build when the glyph just happened to drop (yes, you could do Elf or Gnome, and the class could be Wizard or Sorcerer for direct class synergy). Sometimes it's a lot easier to regen-fight a single monster than it is to PISORF-spike two at once, so stacking the deck for PISORF with preps, races, and classes deserves a mention. Maybe even Rat Monarch billiards deserves a mention - I survived the Rat Monarch Shifting Passages DERP by corroding cue balls instead of Bleaty himself...

Pisorf spiking might be a good option with a lot of setups, but cranking the preps specifically to min-max in favor of boss billiards seems like a legitimate special case to me. (Though admittedly, the "min-max" that goes into PISORF spam is a mix of stats that also favors generalists to a large extent, so lolol) - MTaur


Fair points about Gnome Sorcerer. I guess now that I think of it, DD is fairly flexible in that most classes have a lot of strategy overlap, and not a whole lot is truly unique to just one particular combination. - MTaur