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Right, so, this one was very placehodery, so I decided to give it a make-over. If anyone minds PM me, please, or contact me on skype, I'm way easier to work with that way. Anway, what I'll do here is (well, half I've done allready) is put put the following sections:

- Explanation of abilities (along with a short summary of a general playstyle) - Go through EACH Race-Class combo with a bit of food for thought (criticism on phrasing and making it more aproachable to newbieas appreciated) - Maybe add a bit of general stuff to keep in mind below that

And that's what I see as a useful template for classess in general. Not what the cheeze is, what's the strongest, yadda, yadda, but: What it is and how to pair it with each race, and some general tips below. Becaue what folks who'd look this stuff up want to know is "Wth do these abilities mean, really?", "How do I play X/Y stupid combination the PQI set me up with", and "What to keep an eye out for when playing this stuff".

When I'm done with this one, and I hope I get to be done with it, anyone criticizing the approach has to keep one thing in mind - if I had this kind of page, organized like this, answering these exact things it would've taken me significantly less time to figure basic stuff in the game out, I would've used my beta testing time much better, and would have just plain appreciated the game as a whole and the developers much more than I did. -Lujo

As usual I need to make it more concise, less repeaty, and all that :( Anyone feels like taking the axe to it a bit, you're wellcome - Lujo