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This template is implicitly used on Dungeon articles, instead of simply giving you a guide on how to use this, it is best to show how to create a "boilerplate" Dungeon page.

|Monsters=Remeber to use the {{m}} template here. Don't worry about listing the boss type here.
|SuggestedClasses=Use templates like {{HuFi}}
|Unlock=How to unlock this.
|Reward=Remeber to use the {{i}} for items and {{gold}} for gold.
Brief introduction to the dungeon, don't be too long, but be flavorful.

== Boss == 

Detail the boss in here, I might cook a template to use in this area, possibly also SHORT tips on how to handle it. Long strategies don't belong in this section.

== Dungeon rules ==

If special rules are in effect, list them here, hardcoded subdungeons, altered monster stats, and so on.

== Strategy ==

List lots of strategies, don't skip on race suggestions, preparations, and techniques, consider creating subsections for specific non inter-compatible strategies.

== Map ==

Big version of the map, a smaller version appears in the infobox should be max 7 "cells" wide (equivalent to 210 pixels).