Terror Begins

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The Terror Begins special dungeon is the Class: Warlord Warlord Bronze challenge. The boss is Bleaty the Monster: Goat Goat.


No preparations are allowed in this dungeon.

Resources available

There are no glyphs to be found on the ground in this special dungeon challenge. The only magic at your disposal is the Glyph: CYDSTEPP CYDSTEPP glyph. The only source of conversion points available to you will be items bought from shops. As a result, your race selection is not a very large consideration.

There are no altars in this dungeon. There are extra mana potions on the ground instead of healing potions, which will be useful for the Warlord.

Monster Death Protection

Every time you level up, every monster in the level gains death protection. They will never gain a second layer of death protection, but the death protection will refresh if you level up again. This can make it very challenging to set up a level-up catapult when dealing with the boss. The boss also gets this death protection bonus.


The dungeon is inhabited by the Monster: Goblin Goblin, Monster: Gorgon Gorgon, and Monster: Goat Goat monsters. The only notable difference from the regular monsters is that the Gorgons on this dungeon have 100% Trait: Death-gaze Death-gaze. This means if you are even a single hit point below maximum their attacks are lethal. As a result, killing gorgons as early as possible is advised.


The boss of this challenge is Bleaty, who has massive damage output but minimal health. With seven mana potions at your disposal (which should allow you six consecutive CYDSTEPP's) he should be easily killed if you have all your potions available for the boss battle.

With careful planning, you can orchestrate a mid-battle level-up against Bleaty. Because he will reduce you to 1 HP, Gorgons and Goblins with their Trait: First Strike First Strike cannot be used by this purpose. Instead, you must carefully select which goats you will kill and then remove their death protection so you can kill them mid-battle to refresh your mana.