The Dark Project

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The Dark Project is a special dungeon that serves as the Class: Thief Thief bronze challenge.


No preparations are allowed in this challenge.

Special Rules

In this challenge, you are incapable of leveling up! As a result, no matter how many monsters you kill, you will remain level 1. However, every enemy slain drops a special pendant that grants +1 damage and +1 HP.

In addition to this, the map contrains "trapped chests". These chests deal damage and always strike first, so you need to find a way to survive them. Each chest contains a different prize:

The level 1 chest always starts right next to your position, and breaking it open should be the first thing you do.

The Boss

The boss of the Dark Project has 50 HP, 100 damage, and first strike. It is not possible to attain enough health bonuses to survive this, so you will need to kill him by other means. It is entirely possible to build up enough damage to 1-hit-KO the boss (given that you use WEYTWUT first to negate his First Strike), meaning that you technically do not need to open any chests after the first.


The goal of this level is to efficiently gather up +1 tokens to increase your power and open the level 3 and level 5 treasure chests. In general the level 2 and 4 chests are not as helpful since your inventory will be filled with much more practical +1 tokens. If you can open them early then they can help you take on stronger enemies and treasure chests, but if you can't open them early it's better off leaving them alone and spending your attention elsewhere.

Overall this level is not very difficult unless you get very unlucky and waste lots of exploration space. So long as you have enemies to attack so you can keep building up more tokens, it's one of the easiest challenges.