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Snake Pit: 17 of 18
Library: 13 of 18
Crypt: 8 of 18
Factory: 3 of 18
Gauntlet: 2

Favourite character: Elf Thief
Favourite god: The Pactmaker

Strange things in this game:

  • Yeah, score gain that depends on time is really strange.
  • Health potions are useless. So why do they have the same value as mana potions in shops?
  • I can't understand what advantage do halfling and gnome races have. I suppose it's better to increase max HP / Mana. The more HP / Mana you have, the more effective potions will be. Also, don't forget that shops can sell potions; shops reduces bonus of halfling/gnome race even more.
  • Both bosses in a Snake Pit can be killed without any potions if you have APHEELSIK glyph or poison attack.
  • Some gods give a great negative effects when you join them. It's Mystera Annur who reduce your physical attack to 1 or Dracul who inrease your level without usual stats bonus that makes exp gain harder on low levels.
  • You can get 2 glyphs of one type.
  • Transmuter:
    • Transmuter can be poisoned. However, poison don't give him any penalties.
    • When transmuter restore HP by destroying a wall, monsters don't regenerate. It's a superior alternative to poison ability.
    • Elf Transmuter is an interesting combination. The more mana transmuter have, the more health he can restore without exploring.
    • Transmuter + Binlor Ironshield vs Transmuter + Mystera Annur.

Follow this advices to get a guaranteed win:

  • When you're playing berserker choose elf race always.
  • If you're worshipping Mystera Annur, convert BURNDAYRAZ glyph immediatly when you'll find it.
  • Use all potions before fighting a boss.
  • If you are playing transmuter, convert ENDISWAL glyph. Don't forget to worship Earthmother before converting it.
  • Use APHEELSIK on animated armours to prevent their HP regeneration.
  • Always kill Gharbad the goat in melee fight, especially if you are wizard.
  • If you need 1 exp to get level 9 and your HP is below 50% HP, kill level 1 gorgon to level up.
  • Worship Dracul if you are playing Crypt dungeon.