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Basics Tutorials From JayPlaysIndieGames

These tutorials are for those having trouble with dungeons at the Normal difficulty. There are four videos in total featuring the four starting classes each in a different dungeon. The focus is on enemy selection and glyph use. All runs are done purist, faithless, miser to ensure that the strategies will work given almost any conditions in a normal dungeon. It is recommended that anyone having trouble watch the "Den of Danger" run first as the basics of leveling and exploration/regeneration are explored there.

Den of Danger with Priest This is the first tutorial you should look at, only look at the others if you are looking for how to play a specific class.

Venture Cave with Thief The thief has some very interesting class traits. The extra dungeon drops are not to be underestimated, and Stabber makes more enemies available as late game popcorn

Northern Desert with Wizard The Northern Desert is probably the first dungeon where you will encounter two bosses, but it is the need to use magic to kill one of the bosses that makes this the hardest of the normal dungeons.

Western Jungle with Fighter The Western Jungle has one of the most annoying bosses in the game, this video is basically just a show of how to deal with that and use the fighter effectively.