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Bosses are the level 10 versions of monsters, and must be killed in order to win a game of Desktop Dungeons. If there are two bosses, both must be killed to win. The HP and Attack values here are based on Normal games. In Ranked games they have 20% more Attack and HP. The Boss version of a monster will not appear until the corresponding monster has been unlocked.

Image Name Abilities Attack Health
Alpha Bandit.png
Nine Toes First strike, Poison attack, Mana burn 52 238
Alpha Dragonspawn.png
Matron of Flame Magical attack 75 477
Alpha Goat.png
Gharbad the- whoah! Magical resist 60% 225 159
Alpha Goblin.png
Lord Gobb First strike, Physical resist 20%, Magical resist 20% 90 318
Alpha Golem.png
The Iron Man Magic resist 75% 75 318
Alpha GooBlob.png
Tower of goo Physical resist 75% 75 318
Alpha Gorgon.png
Medusa First strike, Death gaze (Player health lower than 100%) 75 190
Alpha MeatMan.png
Super meat man 48 954
Alpha Serpent.png
Jormungandr Poison attack 75 318
Alpha Warlock.png
Aequitas Magical attack 112 318
Alpha Wraith.png
Tormented One Undead, Magical attack, Mana burn, Physical resist 60% 75 238
Alpha Zombie.png
Frank the zombie Undead 75 636