EE:Prototype 1

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Boss: Prototype 1
Hard Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 52 60
Health Points 222 318

Prototype 1 is a fairly unassuming enemy at first. Every time it dies, it splits into 2 with each half having half the last form's HP. It will split four times, eventually ending up as 8 forms of 27 HP. The Unstable trait is the threat here, as the forms get less HP, it becomes harder to weaken them and avoid Unstable's effects, and odds are split 3 and 4 will unavoidably explode on physical strikes and cause you major damage. Burndayraz is a costly way to do "low" damage and reduce the explosion damage, and first strike will save a huge amount of damage as well if you can manage it (otherwise, you will need to spend even MORE mana burning the final forms as a replacement.) The final blob of Prototype 1 will award experience and a trophy to sell.