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the Mass09 Ledger is a useful tool found in a the Mass09 Banking subdungeon. It that will allow you to randomize every monsters position for the cost of 1 gold piece each use.

Using the Mass09 Ledger does not change remove the slowed status to monsters.

Here is an humoristic guide for its use :

Trouble in the Dungeon?

Are you setting out for long adventures only to BLOW your blackspace TOO QUICKLY? Having trouble FINDING just that RIGHT SPOT to make a kill? Can't get your stats UP when it counts? DON'T feel ashamed! Studies have shown that over NINE OUT OF TEN adventurers have suffered from troubles locating an enemy species or level for their needs. For years, adventurers JUST LIKE YOU have suffered from the MENTAL STRAIN of choosing between suboptimal targets and suffering THE consequences OF their poor deCISions. UNTIL NOW!

Introducing ... MASS09's LEDGER! (tm) A revolutionary new locker preperation that puts the 'vent' back into 'adventurer' and gets you enemies where you want, when you want. (tm) "But how ever does it work?" you must wonder. Well, it's actually very easy! Every factory sealed Mass09's Ledger comes with a three-step InfoPower DocuWinGuide (tm), but for today's lucky readers I'll be sharing a portion of that power (knowledge) for free! STEP ONE: Left click on the inventory slot containing your Mass09's Ledger. [...] It's that easy!

Editor's Note: For legal reasons I must state that Mass09's Ledger's actual power is to shuffle all monster positions in the main dungeon.

So how much would you expect to pay for this incredibly important item? 30 gold? Perhaps even 50 gold? NO! For a single dungeon run with Mass09's Ledger you will pay only 10, no typo, 10 paltry gold!* (*Plus up to or over twenty five easy payments of 0.99-recurring gold usage fees. Unlockered lockerable Mass09's Ledger not included.) If you could convert that into even a fraction of the blackspace you'd be saving then it's figuratively like we'd be literally giving them away! Still not convinced that Mass09's Ledger is the right prep for you? Worried that the resulting loss of potential raw damage, health or mana from other items compared to a strictly situational advantage might ultimately set you back against the compulsary bosses? DON'T BE! Here's just a handful of the many, many situations where Mass09's Ledger could be just perfect for you to take the upper hand or flagrantly ignore what is usually a significant dungeon obstacle or primary game component:

* Playing a warlord with great spiking potential, but can't afford to waste blackspace to reach higher level enemies? Mass09's Ledger will instantly scatter their balanced layout for you!
* Can't decide whether to convert a glyph you might need for a random boss? Mass09's Ledger them into view, then Mass09's Ledger them away again for good measure!
* Revenant hoards hemming you in and draining resources? Mass09 Ledger those nasties until you're high enough level to just gib them in one shot!
* Shifting passages blocked your path back to an altar? Mass09's Ledger freely as you skip through now-empty segments of the dungeon!
* Did Binlor tear down the very walls you needed to knock enemies back into? Mass09 Ledger them, they'll land near one eventually!
* Planning to regen fight a boss and can't risk uncovering them last? Mass09's Ledger has your back!
* Wussy enemies keep blinking away? Mass09's Ledger them right back before they recover!
* Went overboard with Earthmother's boons? Mass09's Ledger says otherwise!
* Troll blocking your bridge? Mass09's Ledger will shoo it away!
* Rex troubles? Mass09's Ledger solutions!
* Enem- Mass09's Ledger!

All the time. For everything.