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Subdungeons are smaller versions of a level dungeon. They usually contain some sort of power up hidden behind a puzzle or an enemy. Some subdungeons provide quest chain advancement instead of a powerup, these subdungeons will be not appear anymore once you have advanced the quest chain.

Non-repeatable Subdungeons

These subdungeons may appear instead of the regular Subdungeon. However, they each only do so until completed once. Completing these subdungeons normally unlocks some game element (Race, Altar, Class or other progression).

Entrance View Name Appears in Explored? Summary
Halfling Entrance.png
Halfling North, ??? Yes A Halfling in a subdungeon. Giving her a Health Potion unlocks the Halfling settlement that can be upgraded to unlock the Halfling race.
Gnome Entrance.png
Gnome Center, North, ??? Yes A Gnome in a subdungeon. Giving her a Mana Potion unlocks the Gnome settlement that can be upgraded to unlock the Gnome race.
Orc Entrance.png
Orc Center, West, ??? Yes An Orc in a subdungeon. Offers some "Tea" to the player; accepting and drinking the Tea will hit you with Poison, Corrosion x3 and reduce Health to 1, but unlock the Orc settlement that can be upgraded to unlock the Orc race.
Goblin Entrance.png
Goblin Center, South, ??? Yes A Goblin in a subdungeon. Asks for 20 gold from the player; complying will unlock the Goblin settlement that can be upgraded to unlock the Goblin race.
Chemist Entrance.png
Chemist Dungeon: Demonic Library Demonic Library, Dungeon: Northern Desert Northern Desert,Dungeon: Vicious Steel Vicious Steel, possibly others. No Medium sized (9*8) sub dungeon with an island surrounded by lava. Contains a passive creature called "A What?" which when talked to, simply says it wants you to retrieve something. A meatman of your current level is in the subdungeon and a few walls. Breaking/Mining/Destroying the walls will uncover an unidentified rock item. Pick it up and return it to "A What?" to complete the subdungeon. As a reward, this subdungeon unlocks the Chemist class for future play.
Tinker Entrance.png
Tinker North, East, ??? No A sub whose entrance is enclosed by walls (i.e. secret sub). Requires Alchemist unlocked. Contains 8 gold piles and a Tinker who seems to have trapped himself in the sub. Talk to him, and then leave the dungeon alive, to unlock the Tinker explorer's guild class.
Crusader Entrance.png
Crusader Center, ??? Yes A sub with a lone Crusader. Requires having unlocked all deities. If you TALK to the Crusader while having 100 piety (and leave the dungeon alive), you unlock the Crusader explorer's guild class.
Transmuter Entrance.png
Transmuter West, ??? Yes A sub with a lone Transmuter. Requirements unknown. TALK to her to unlock the Transmuter explorer's guild class.
Witch Entrance.png
Witch East Yes The "Search for the Witch" quest will indicate an Eastern dungeon, which has a chance to spawn additional Monster: Corrosive Creepers Corrosive Creepers on the top. The Witch found in the subdungeon will task you to gather 5 Item: Frost Root Frost Roots that drop randomly from the creepers topside. Completing her chore unlocks her hut for your kingdom.
Ick Unlock Entrance.png
Naga Envoy East, ??? Yes You stumble upon a forward party lead by the Naga commander Itsssamna Itsssa, who delivers a message from Kinisssch Ahau, the Sun-Touched Prince of the Naga, threatening to crush your kingdom. It is basically an invitation to venture South. Requires having beaten Hexx Ruins at least once; unlocks Ick Swamp and the Challenge Accepted quest.
Glowing Guardian Entrance.png
Glowing Guardian East Yes An ice cave with an altar to the Glowing Guardian. Touching the altar places five "Dark Ones" on the main map, one for each of levels 1,3,5,7 and 9. Each Dark One will drop a Item: Prayer Bead Prayer Bead; collecting all 5 and returning to the altar has you immediately convert to the Glowing Guardian, also unlocking him (as well as start the Quest to find the Witch).
Dracul Entrance.png
Dracul East No Prerequisite: having unlocked the Glowing Guardian. A large, initially shrouded dungeon with your clone (same character icon, uses same Attack and Health values, no traits though). You are locked in once you enter. Defeat your clone (your traits/potions/glyphs should help) to start worshiping (and unlock) Dracul.
Mystera Entrance.png
Mystera Annur North Yes Sub dungeon with 999 hp dragon, creative use of magic will get you past him. Usable to unlock Mystera Annur.
Jehora Entrance.png
Jehora Jeheyu North Yes Prerequisite: having unlocked Mystera Annur. Sub dungeon has imps and an altar, you will need ENDISWAL or WEYTWUT to escape. Usable to unlock Jehora Jeheyu.
Taurog Entrance.png
Taurog West At first. It becomes shrouded after reaching the center. Large subdungeon with an altar at the center. Usable to unlock Taurog.
Binlor Entrance.png
Binlor Ironshield West No Prerequisite: having unlocked Taurog. Subdungeon almost completely filled with walls. Use the ENDISWAL spawning at the entrance to break the walls. Several gold piles, as well as the Altar to Binlor Ironshield can be found deeper within. Touch the altar for an immediate conversion to Binlor Ironshield (as well as unlocking him for your kingdom).
The Earthmoter Entrance.png
The Earthmother South Yes A subdungeon filled with plants. Blaze a trail through the shrubbery all the way to the altar in the bottom left corner and touch it to start worshipping (and unlock) the Earthmother. Watch out for the Gardeners and Barbing Bushes, avoid them if possible!
Tikki Tooki Entrance.png
Tikki Tooki South No Prerequisite: having unlocked the Earthmother. Subdungeon has a reviving enemy called "Mischief", you must kill all forms without taking a hit. The easiest way to do so is using BURNDAYRAZ, as the forms have various abilities (First Strike, Death Protection) that make melee more difficult. Killing the last form spawns the altar of Tikki Tooki; touch it to immediately start worshiping (and unlock) him.
Pactmaker Entrance.png
Pactmaker Anywhere Yes Prerequisite: having unlocked any other deity. Subdungeon is a giant room with an altar in the middle. If you touch the Altar it will disappear and grant you a Pact (also triggering it once for an immediate effect). Touch the altar after having unlocked all other deities to unlock the Pactmaker.

Repeatable Regular Subdungeons

These are the regular subdungeons that spawn on most maps. Most subdungeons are tied to a specific region (North/West/South/East/Central), and can only appear there. Some subdungeons seem to appear more often than others, which suggests that they also have a set rarity weight. Regular subdungeons always have their entrances spawn on accessible tiles (i.e. on corridors / in chambers).

Entrance View Name Appears in Explored? Summary
Graveyard Entrance.png
Graveyard Center, South Yes 5 gold piles, spawns a level 5 Monster: zombie zombie that drops Item: Elven Boots Elven Boots
Sir Thrawn.png
Sir Thrawn Center, East No Sir Thrawn (Monster: Vampire Vampire) spawns in, seals the exit, and re-shrouds the dungeon, effectively allowing you to explore it twice.
Subdungeon Deadly Tricks Entrance.png
Exploding Signpost Center, North, East, South No Contains bloodstains, several Monster: Barbing Bush Barbing Bush, and an exploding signpost. The signpost reduces you to 1 HP and then drops a Item: Compression Seal Compression Seal and a Item: Schadenfreude Potion Schadenfreude Potion.
Subdungeon Hitball entrance.png
Hitball Center, West Partially Enter a pit-fight against progressively more powerful opponents (scaled to your current level). The first opponent has 100% damage/120% health and gives you 5 gold and a Item: Health Potion Health Potion, the second has 110% damage/150% health compared to the first and gives you 10 gold and a Item: Mana Potion Mana Potion, and the third has 110% damage/130% health compared to the second and gives you 15 gold and a Item: Reflex Potion Reflex Potion.
Subdungeon Health Pot Entrance.png
Goo Potion Center, West No A 5x5 area containing a level 5 Monster: Goo Blob Goo Blob who drops a Item: Health Potion Health Potion when killed.
Subdungeon Free Mana Potion Entrance.png
Djinn Potion Center, North No A 5x5 area containing a level 5 Monster: Djinn Djinn who drops a Item: Mana Potion Mana Potion when killed.
Subdungeon Yin yang entrance.png
Yin and Yang Center, West Yes Contains Monster: Ying Ying and Monster: Yang Yang (both level 7, bloodless, no exp). If they are not killed in immediate succession they will respawn. When both are truly slain, they will drop Item: Blade of Yin Blade of Yin and Item: Yang's Sword Yang's Sword, each a small item granting +3 base attack that can be consumed for a single-use death protection (15 GP, 35 CP).
Subdungeon Zombie Money Entrance.png
Zombie Money North, East No Contains a 9x16 area of dark tiles, a long 1 tile wide corridor and a large gold stack. Picking up the gold stack summons 5 Monster: zombie zombies of your level into the 1 tile wide corridor, blocking your exit.
Subdungeon Lost Sorcerer Entrance.png
Sorcerer's Potion Trade North No A 5x5 chamber containing a Sorcerer who will give you 2x Item: Health Potion Health Potion in exchange for one Item: Mana Potion Mana Potion.
Subdungeon Jadetooth Entrance.png
Jadetooth North Partially An 11x11 room with many signs and Jadetooth, a level 7 Berserker (42 damage, 90 HP, retaliates fireball, berserks at 50%, death protection). When killed, Jadetooth drops Item: Strange Mixture Strange Mixture, a powerful potion that permanently adds +10 Max HP and +1 Max MP on use, as well as fully restoring health and mana.
Subdungeon Blood Altar Entrance.png
Blood Fountain East Yes A fountain in the middle of a fully revealed 5X5 square. Gives 5% Trait: Sanguine Sanguine. If you already have the Sanguine trait (this includes the Vampire monster class), the fountain will fully restore your HP and MP instead.
El Potion Loco.png
El Potion Loco North Yes Contains 4 warlocks and a lvl1 Monster: goblin goblin. You can kill the goblin immediately for one Item: Keg of Health Keg of Health. You can talk to the Warlocks for the Wand of Splosion, which when activated, reduces your health to 1, kills the warlocks, leaves 2 Item: Health Potion Health Potion and 2 Item: Mana Potion Mana Potion in their respective places, and makes the Goblin unkillable. You can talk to the warlocks and use the wand even if you kill the goblin.
Paans Labyrinth Entrance.png
Paan's Labyrinth East Partially A troll called Marwood which you can talk to, quite a bit of exploration in the form of a maze with 3 lvl 1 imps called Hellboi who have 99% lifesteal.
Subdungeon Undead kennel entrance.png
Undead Kennel East No Contains a 3x8 area with a level 1 Monster: Zombie Zombie, a Item: Slaying Wand Slaying Wand and a Item: Pepper the Dog Pepper the Dog.
Subdungeon Mass09 Entrance.png
Mass09 Banking East No A 6x6 sub that contains a lvl5 non-hostile Monster: vampire vampire called Volschenk who hands you the Item: Mass09 Ledger Mass09 Ledger when you talk to him. The ledger is a (lockerable) small item which can be used for 1 gold per use to shuffle all existing monsters on the current map. The signpost reads: Mass09 Banking, Inc. Eastern Branch
Subdungeon Monster Shoppe Entrance.png
Smackle Funky's South No A 5x5 room, contains a shop which spawns monsters of the same level for 3 gold.
Subdungeon Vampire Chef Entrance.png
Vegetarian Vampire South Yes Contains 25 Plants and a Lv1 Monster: Vampire Vampire Chef (Drops the Item: Recipe Scroll Recipe Scroll).

Killing the plants in a right order boosts your stats. You can look up the recipes with the Scroll.

Subdungeon placeholder.png
Confession South No A 5x5 room containing 5 piles of gold and a Sign Post talking about the discrepancies within the Naga Empire.
Subdungeon Erosive plants entrance.png
Wisp Gems South No A 5x5 room containing 5x Monster: Erosive Eelroot Erosive Eelroot which drop Item: Wisp Gem Wisp Gems (5% attack bonus, small item).
Subdungeon Corrosive plants entrance.png
Sticky Stick South No A 5x5 Room containing Monster: Corrosive Creeper Corrosive Creepers. One of them drops the Item: Sticky Stick Sticky Stick (Corrosive Strike, large).
Subdungeon Spoon Garden.png
Spoon garden South No A 5x5 room containing 5 different plants, each of them drop Item: Spoon Spoon (+1 base damage, small item).
Subdungeon Metal spider temple entrance.png
Metal Spider Temple South No 15x13 Room, uncovering tiles will afflict you with different debuffs. Contains a Item: Health Potion Health Potion, Item: Mana Potion Mana Potion, Item: Fortitude Tonic Fortitude Tonic, Item: Burn Salve Burn Salve, Item: Compression Seal Compression Seal, Item: Translocation Seal Translocation Seal, Item: Strength Potion Strength Potion, and Item: Can of WHUPAZ Can of WHUPAZ. In the middle of the temple lies an Altar which gives you an Essence Potion, but drains your Health and Mana and hits you with Poison and Manaburn.(Heals both Health and Mana for the amount drained)
The New World West Yes Soko-Trolls puzzle, must spell out "The New World" in the lava rocks on the center to complete. Reward is Item: Wisp Gem Wisp Gem (small, 5% damage), Item: Tokoloshe Charm Tokoloshe Charm (small, 5% magic resist), Item: Sword Sword, 2 large gold pile, 1 small gold pile, 1 Item: Mana Potion Mana Potion, 1 Item: Health Potion Health Potion.
Subdungeon Temple of Knowledge Entrance.png
Lernutrix West Yes Lots of walls and a friendly Druid who offers you several experience bonuses. 35g gives you 50 experience immediately, 15g gives you +1 learning buff, 5g gives 50% exp boost to next kill. You may only buy one.
Subdungeon Goat Piety Entrance.png
The Mighty Lost Lekon North, West, East No A 5x5 dungeon with broken altar in the center. When touching the altar, you are surrounded by 8 Monster: goat goat (one each of levels 1-8) and granted the Lekon Devout buff (+2 piety per goat kill). Goats have typical goat stats, in addition to Mana Burn, First Strike and No Experience.
Subdungeon Dracos Heart entrance.png
Draco's Heart West No 5x7 room with 1x7 walkable path up the middle, impassable rivers on each side of the path and breakable walls lining the room. Item: Dragon Heart Dragon Heart item at the end (large, 1g 5CP, grants +3 max health per level up when held) which spawns Draco when picked up. Draco is level 9, 167 health, 63 damage, Magical Attack, No Experience and blocks your exit. You may kill him, teleport him or PISORF him out of the way, ENDISWAL around the subdungeon's edge, or convert the Dragon Heart to kill him instantly.
Subdungeon Titan Guitar.png
Really Awesome Guitar North, West Yes Quite a few walls which are immediately destroyed upon picking up the guitar. This doesn't give piety with Binlor. Item: Titan Guitar Titan Guitar is large, 11g 11CP, on use makes all enemies on map slowed and cowardly and is consumed (unsure if other dungeon levels are affected).
Subdungeon WIZARDdotexe entrance.png
WIZARD.EXE North Yes Friendly NPC Golem will allow you to trade certain glyphs for various effects or consumables. For example, LEMMISI will give you one of each Alchemy seal.
Brandonnn East Yes NPC needs your piety to charge his Packmaster Mobile Altar, rewards you with potions and items.
Subdungeon placeholder.png
Cha'Dylan South, West Partially A massive 15x15 room. Contains an unreachable island with about 40 tiles of explorable blackspace, and a monster icon in the dark of the island. WONAFYT lets you summon it, it has 2 life, Death Protection(7), and does 50 damage base (decreases with death protection like animated armor). When killed he drops a Item: Sensation Stone Sensation Stone.
Saint Solitude.png
Contemplate the Waters South Partially 15x13 Room with 100 tiles non accesible Blackspace. Contains a Monk who sells a Glyph: LEMMISI LEMMISI glyph for 25g. If you already have LEMMISI or BLUDTUPOWA you can harvest the dark tiles without paying the monk.
Subdungeon Free Booster Entrance.png
Free Booster Center, East No Contains a 9x9 area of dark tiles, a booster powerup of a random type and a level 5 enemy of random type blocking you from the booster.
Subdungeon Council Voting Entrance.png
History of the Northern Empire ??? No Contains a 5x5 area of dark tiles, some piles of gold and a sign with some story information. The sign varies based on how many times you have encountered the dungeon.
Subdungeon Pen.png
Pen the Mage Dragon West Partially. 10x10 room that is mostly explored. The unexplored region contains a passive level 9 Monster: Dragon Spawn Dragon Spawn called Pen the Mage Dragon, who gives you a Glyph: PISORF PISORF glyph.
Subdungeon placeholder.png

Repeatable Signpost Subdungeons

About 25% of the time, the subdungeon will be a "signpost" subdungeon. These are 5x5 unexplored subdungeons with the entrance in the center. They always contain a signpost and at least 5 gold piles, and also often contain monsters or items. The possible signpost text depends on the region that the main dungeon is in: center, north, east, south, or west. For a given signpost text, the same monsters or items will always spawn (although the reverse is not true: some monsters and items are shared between signposts). The positions of the signposts, monsters, items, and gold piles are all random. The tile color is fixed based on the region.

Entrance View Name Region Summary Signpost
Legend of the Signpost Gorgon Center 5 gold piles, 4 signposts, and the Item: Gorgward Gorgward. Legend of the Signboard Gorgon:

In these lands, rumours persist of a particularly odd gorgon who turns adventurers into helpful dungeon signboards instead of stone.

Though this gorgon has never been sighted, adventurers are advised to stay away from regions of densely-clustered signposts, especially if they happen to contain any warnings about gorgons.

NomNom Entrance.PNG
Edible Adversaries Center 5 gold piles, and a level 1 Monster: Meat Man Meat Man who drops a Item: Nom Nom Nom Nom. The Adventurer's Cookbook

Chapter 3: Edible Adversaries

Meat Men: Due to their frequent appearance in most standard dungeons (and their inherently delicious-sounding names), Meat Men are common go-to beasts for any dungeoneer who wants to eat on the go. As with any meal that potentially fights back, it's best to try find one that you can easily kill. Even when a suitably weak Meat Man cannot be found, however, it's still possible for adventurers to exchange blows with a slightly stronger foe and win the battle if they take time halfway through to recover from some of their wounds. This is because Meat Men are extremely, well, MEATY, but don't generally put out enough damage to force enemies into a lengthy retreat.

Petting Zoo.PNG
Know Your Farm Animals Center 5 gold piles, and a level 1 Monster: Goat Goat who drops a Item: Dairy Diary Dairy Diary. Know Your Farm Animals!

A Guide for Children

Entry #427: Common Farm Goat Four-legged, barely-domesticated animal occasionally bred for its milk and meat. Distinguishing traits include medium to long horns (both males and females), prominent 'beards' and short, upward-pointing tails.

Entry #428: Common Dungeon Goat Four-legged, recently wild animal sought after as a trophy kill. Distinguishing traits include hatred-filled eyes, natural magic resistance and a tendency to seek out and murder adventurers.

Goblin Itch Center 5 gold piles, and two level 2 Monster: Goblin Goblins. Embarrassing Adventurer Problems #6: Goblin Itch

Though not always as dangerous as some of the realm's more exotic creatures, goblins can still be a nuisance to any adventurer. We've all heard the reports of some poor schmuck clearing out a low-leveled nest of the creatures, only to accidentally stub their toe and meet an untimely end because they were too clumsy to notice their waning health.

Nothing short of an assassin's blade can outdo the alacrity with which these creatures strike, but magically slowing them down before attacking can yield favourable results and a more valuable kill.

Misplaced Cutlery Center 5 gold piles, and three Item: Spoon Spoons. The sign here is old and faded. You make out only a few words.

"... speaks of a lost and ruined tower, known in ancient texts as "Gaan-Telet". The secret of its location is protected by powerful magical wards, and the Tower floors themselves regularly shift in and out of existence, ensuring that each new intruder meets a unique and terrifying challenge. No two Tower experiences are ever the same ..."

Cracked Orb Entrance.PNG
Cracked Orb Center 5 gold piles, and a Item: Cracked Orb Cracked Orb. "I've got 99 orbs, but a Zot ain't one."
Yendor Vendor Center 5 gold piles, and a shop called "Yendor Vendor" selling a Item: Cracked Amulet Cracked Amulet. Experience Catapult:

A common technique by which a hero may fully rejuvenate in mid-combat against a tougher opponent, using weaker enemies as fodder to facilitate a quick level-up.

Popcorn Entrance.PNG
Popcorn Center 5 gold piles, and 3 level 1 Monster: Warlock Warlocks. Popcorn:

A trivial / low-level monster killed in the late game for minor experience gain. Easily digestable in groups.

Spoon Entrance.png
History of the Den of Danger Center 5 gold piles, a Item: Spoon Spoon, and a level 1 Monster: Bandit Bandit. The Dungeon: Den of Danger Den of Danger, as it is known today, was a former prison outpost built for the great Northern Desert Empire by the grand architect Hobb. It fell into disuse after the empire's inexplicable collapse.
Center 8 gold piles. I know you're reading these. Stop it.
Sapphire Helmet Center 6 gold piles, and a Item: Dented Helm Dented Helm. The noble profession of Hero stems back to the original Sapphire Knight, a celebrated figure whose deeds, prowess and origins are hotly contested by today's scholars. The Knight's legendary helm was said to be a gift from the gods.
Spoon Entrance.png
History of Venture Cave Center 5 gold piles, a Item: Spoon Spoon, and a level 1 Monster: Bandit Bandit. Dungeon: Venture Cave Venture Cave was the original base of operations for an unknown bandit king and his followers, who took advantage of the region's political instability to harass locals. The group collapsed after their leader was poisoned, and the remnants moved to Dungeon: Grimm's Grotto Grimm's Grotto.
LEMISI Entrance.png
Hacked Glyph North 5 gold piles, and a Item: LEMMISI(?) LEMMISI(?) item. Using this item will reveal the whole map, and grant regeneration bonuses / food consumption accordingly (which makes this glyph very dangerous, especially for a Class: Goatperson Goatperson). I have gone mad.
So has the rest of the council.
So has the rest of our empire.
Only afforded the briefest lucidity while this entire civilisation disappears.
Foolish Imp North 5 gold piles, and a level 9 Monster: Imp Imp who drops a Item: Mana Potion Mana Potion. They were fools to listen! Foolish fooly fools! Temptation came to us with the cloak of a deceiver, the face of an animal and the eyes of a demon! Why did we listen?

Foolish fooly fools! Biscuits.

Prison Break.png
Prison Break North 5 gold piles, and 3 Item: Wall Cruncher Wall Crunchers. So. The council has me locked away in here. Treason? Hardly. They've agreed to do something terribly stupid on the advice of a hooded stranger. I don't care if it wins us the war - some threats are greater than mere snake men.

I shall escape tomorrow, and make my way East.

Serpent Entrance.png
Serpent Dungeon North 5 gold piles, and a level 6 Monster: Serpent Serpent who drops a Item: Fortitude Tonic Fortitude Tonic. Tales of the Favoured, extract:

"... and as she approached the great serpent, it raised itself from the floor and struck at her neck. The attack was brief and deadly - two puncture marks silently wept blood onto her collar. Yet even with the liquid anathema flowing through her veins, she raised her hammer and shattered the vile creature's skull, all the while praying to divines who may or may not have existed.

The creature perished, and her body felt a sudden pureness again ..."

Avatar Statue Entrance.png
Avatar Statue North 5 gold piles, and a level 1 Statue (3 attack, 1 health, physical immune, curse bearer, no experience) who drops a Item: Ritual Scroll Ritual Scroll. They gathered in a circle to summon the Avatar.

They thought that they could control it.

But they were too feeble to even complete the ritual.

Their minds clouded over and they cursed us all.

Shade Transformation North 5 gold piles, and a level 5 Shade (palette swapped warlock, 25 damage, 54 HP, retaliates fireball, revives). When killed, the shade revives as a level 5 Shade (palette swapped djinn) with identical abilities and stats. When that is killed, he drops a Item: Mana Potion Mana Potion. I saw their bodies change. The five of them took terrible forms.
Strange Amulet 2 Entrance.png
Teeth Teeth Teeth North 5 gold piles, and a Item: Amulet Amulet. When the amulet is picked up, the room changes and a level 9 and a level 1 Monster: Thrall Thrall appear. The level 9 Thrall drops a Item: Schadenfreude Potion Schadenfreude Potion. At first there was only confusion. Then there were TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH TEETH
North 5 gold piles, and a Item: Forlorn Forlorn. Grand Architect Hobb began constructing the new Golden City with his hearts of Rock, Fire and Spirit. One was shattered by the Naga. The other two went missing.
Mad Whispers North 5 gold piles, and 3 Item: Whisper Charm Whisper Charms. Picking up a charm gives the message: "... the lost empire has awoken ... pLaY a liTTle s0ng fur us? @&NshU9Ad(! BRING IN THE AVATAR". FOR THE RECORD OF THE ARCHIVES

COUNCIL VOTES (ROUND 1): MP - In Favour MZ - Not In Favour PP - In Favour PZ - Abstained A - In Favour N - Not In Favour; Called For Veto

Bards North 5 gold piles, and a Item: Dented Helm Dented Helm. The Bardic Collection, Book 3:

"Creature of Sapphire,
Helm bearing Ruby,
Sword made of Emerald,
And Heart of a Dragon"

... this poem isn't very good. Small wonder that the Kingdom never takes bards seriously.

Penance Entrance.png
Penance North 5 gold piles, and Item: Penance Penance. ... Mystera found herself horrified at the behaviour of her followers, but she was always loathe to punish even the most evil among them. Jehora Jeheyu, however, often saw fit to intervene on her behalf.
North 5 gold piles, and a level 8 Monster: Imp Imp. There's something scratched into the signpost here.

"This has always been a Civilisation built on Magic and Chaos. It seems a fitting end.

North 5 gold piles, and a Item: Mystera Scripture Mystera Scripture. Two faces? Same being.

- The Mad Heretic

Fake Beard Entrance.png
I Wish I Could Read East 5 gold piles, and a Item: Fake Beard Fake Beard. "I wish I knew how to read"
East 5 gold piles, and a Item: Orb of Lusory Orb of Lusory. Lusory, the jealous apprentice, sought Hobb's approval by constructing an Orb of his own. Sadness followed.
Wand of Binding Entrance.png
Wand of Binding East 5 gold piles, and a Item: Wand of Binding Wand of Binding. This sign is old and weathered, and it appears that someone left a note for themselves a long, long time ago:

Aha! I've found the knight buried here. The artifacts are missing, but the remains will be of use.

Depleted Glyph East 5 gold piles, and a Depleted Glyph (Glyph: BLUDTUPOWA BLUDTUPOWA, 0 CP). Known bug: under God boon: Mystic Balance Mystic Balance, you should have at least 2MP to use this glyph despite that it consumes no MP. This note looks to be fairly recent.

"Associates, I am finding little information in this forsaken land concerning the lost arts of Golemancy and Spiritual Animation. The former appears to have been lost with time, but it seems that knowledge of the latter was deliberately destroyed."

Dented Helmet Entrance.png
Dented Helmet East 5 gold piles, and a Item: Dented Helm Dented Helm. Horrible Fates: A Cautionary Almanac for Adventurers

Entry: ANIMATED ARMOURS Although common necromancy allows the reanimation and binding of a corpse to the summoner's will, sometimes the physical body won't suffice. Knowledgeable priests can, with great difficulty, bind a soul instead. Ancient cult leaders would use the remains of former Heroes, valuing their prowess and the irony of their servitude.

HORRIBLENESS: 8/10 - not as bad as being afflicted with CONSTANT GOATS (see pg 34)

LIKELIHOOD: 1/10 - getting killed by such a spirit is always possible, but it's believed that no living being today remembers the ritual to create new ones.

Draining Blade Entrance.png
Draining Blade East 5 gold piles, and a Item: Draining Blade Draining Blade. From the Book of Namtar:

"He came to us, armed with a sword of blood, a glyph of blood and a god of blood. He slew half of us immediately, proof of worth to those who remained."

East 5 small gold piles, and a large gold pile containing 5-7 gold. From the Book of Namtar:

"Dracul grew displeased with Namtar's behaviour and reclaimed his gifts. Our leader laughed - the baubles were no longer needed."

Subdungeon Cracked Soul Orb.png
Cracked Soul Orb East 5 gold piles, and a Item: Cracked Soul Orb Cracked Soul Orb. From the Book of Namtar:

"... and then came his greatest achievement. He discovered true immortality, and rendered himself untouchable by the divines. It came at a great cost: whatever he'd discovered in the Pit had broken him, too."

Underworld East 5 gold piles, and 3 level 1 Monster: Imp Imps. The Underworld is near. Man or god, it lies beyond your comprehension.
East 5 gold piles, and 3 Item: Goat Horn Goat Horns. This sign is old and weathered, but the script is neat and precise.

"The experience has changed me. I got what I wanted, but now I forget why I wanted it. I can sweep aside any foe, but which one was the enemy I wanted to destroy?

I dream of a figure in a hood, but no more than that."

South 5 gold piles, and a Item: Fake Beard Fake Beard. How does one pronounce a triple 'S' anyway?
The Garden Entrance.png
The Garden South 5 gold piles, and one of each basic plant: Barbing Bush Monster Icon.png Barbing Bush, Corrosive Creeper Monster Icon.png Corrosive Creeper, Erosive Eelroot, Mysterious Murkshade Monster Icon.png Mysterious Murkshade, and Poisonous Pod Monster Icon.png Poisonous Pod. Each plant drops a Item: Spoon Spoon. "Gardening":

The act of clearing out nuisances (usually plants) with harmful status effects that, for whatever reason, don't have an immediate impact on the player.

Crumbling Ward South 5 gold piles, and a Item: Crumbling Ward Crumbling Ward. Our priests have discovered much about these foreign religions.

The Spider, the Snake and the Dragon have always been gods, strong and true and terrible. These aspects that the two-legged walkers have fashioned for themselves are vain, confusing and numerous, yet still seem to hold some power.

Is this just a different view of the same gods? Or does some pretender hide in there, playing with their hearts and minds?

South 5 gold piles, and a Item: Bound Sword Bound Sword. The Sun-Touched Prince and the Light-Soaked Emperor shall never give up their fight against the North. May the foe's towers sink into the sand and their armies be crushed by the desert mountains! They do not deserve the warmth and light that the great sky orb has been gracious enough to provide them.
Strange Amulet Entrance.png
Strange Amulet South 5 gold piles, and a Item: Strange Amulet Strange Amulet. When the amulet is picked up, the room changes and a level 9 and a level 1 Monster: Thrall Thrall appear. The level 9 Thrall drops a Item: Schadenfreude Potion Schadenfreude Potion. Our enemies have unleashed a power too terrible to fight or control. We have no choice but to withdraw our forces and hope that the great darkness does not follow us further south.
Diary Entrance.png
Diary of a Goat South 5 gold piles, and a level 9 Monster: Goat Goat that drops a Item: Dairy Diary Dairy Diary. The hooded creature has approached me regularly, providing news of men and urging war. Our magi can smell the heavy stench of illusive magic, but the stranger's information still proves reliable and thus he remains welcome at court.
Dragon Mage Entrance.png
Dragon Mage South 5 gold piles, and a level 1 Dragon Elite (palette swapped dragon spawn) who drops a Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ. It is said that the dragons have forgiven us, so why do they not come to our aid? Their two-legged children run rampant.
Spider Amulet Entrance.PNG
Spider Amulet South 5 gold piles, and a Item: Spider Amulet Spider Amulet. From the Legendary Bestiary of Legends:


It is easy to assume that a story told is a story true, and while many fantastic creatures are known to have existed in ancient times, I have no reason to believe that the creatures known as "spiders" have ever been anything but a tale to frighten children.

Old books refer to them as spindly horrors with eight legs and eight eyes, fangs that drip venom and a body that can produce fine, magical thread.

Of all the fanciful stories I've heard in my time, this one certainly has to be the most exotic. The mere suggestion that such an abomination would exist seems absurd.

Dark Ones Entrance.png
History of the Southern Empire South 5 small gold piles, and a large gold pile containing 5-7 gold. The dark ones fled north after destroying the Dragon's Sapphire at Hexx. Their temples remain, but we dare not set foot inside.

We'll surely be held responsible for this mess. May the great Sun Serpent guide us in these troubled times.

Gorgon Den Entrance.png
Gorgon Den South 5 gold piles, and 5 special Monster: Gorgon Gorgons. These Gorgons have 100% death gaze! I pity our foes. They know not what they are doing. But they shall be destroyed regardless. I maintain command of the revenants.
South 5 gold piles, and a Booster-mp.png Mana Booster. I fear it would mean my death if the Emperor ever discovered my plans. But they have to understand what they are doing.

I've been speaking with one of their leaders. He claims to be of high influence. I have told him of our secrets, our shame and the mistakes that do not bear repeating - this time, it could risk dooming us all.

South 5 gold piles, and a Item: Long Rant Long Rant. While I'm certain that our mysterious informer is a friend - a powerful one, at that - he often has more anger than sense. I hope the Emperor is careful with such counsel.
West 5 gold piles. The child who raises a hand against the parent is damned. Leave this place, adventurer. Our eyes keep watch against the sons and daughters of heathens.
West 5 gold piles. This ancient text is entitled "DRAGON LORE: THE COLLECTED UNDERSTANDINGS OF ARCHDRUID GIMMIFIX." Most of the writing has been rendered illegible, save for one barely readable entry.

"Unlike their brothers, the Dragons have only one temple. This place of worship is rarely visited, as approaching it is often considered a show of arrogance.


by Maphax the Explorer

WEST: Nothing but the Great Ocean. Those who have sought to explore it return with reports of nothing but endless blue ... or don't return at all. It is said that the Dragons know more, but they will not speak of it to us.


by Maphax the Explorer

SOUTH: Skirting past the Spider Swamp (naturally), travellers will encounter a seemingly impassable mountain range. There is only one known way through - the Exile's Path. It was sealed up by Dragon magic after the heretic clans left for lands unknown. Tearing down the barrier has been forbidden.


by Maphax the Explorer

NORTH: The Great Sand. There is little life amidst these rolling dunes aside from a few Spider colonies. They're as fiercely territorial as their southern cousins, and exploration opportunities are limited and dangerous.


by Maphax the Explorer

EAST: Our sacred forests teem with life and warmth, but there is still much to be said for the beautiful, rolling grasslands of the East. The local Naga sages are always happy to teach me more about their rich and colourful history. Their empire, from what I understand, is almost impossibly large: the Light-Soaked Emperor rules from a seat of power far to the east.

West 5 gold piles. The Dragons eventually willed it that the remains of the Sapphire be buried in the East - at the border of the Great Cold - to serve as a ward against its encroaching evil.
West 5 gold piles. Their love is boundless, but their fury is implacable. They have instructed us to seek out the remaining Spiders, destroy them and build a new empire over their corpses.
West 5 gold piles. Fighting continues in the South. To end this madness, the Dragons will be sending our champion as an envoy.
West 5 gold piles. Our brothers in the North have forgotten about us ... or perhaps choose to forget. Even Hobarix has styled himself with a new name, as if to spit on our ancestry.
West 5 gold piles. Hello,

I know we haven't always gotten along, but I thought I'd leave you a message to say that some of your really, really, really distant cousins have returned via the Exile's Path.

Now, I don't hold any great love for your kind in general, so I naturally tried to wipe these ones out the moment I found them - which doesn't technically break any promises, so don't go whining to mommy.

Unfortunately, it has been a less than completely effective measure (you're quite a tenacious bunch, I'll grant you that) and they've secretly re-established themselves in the midst of my complacency. My bad, I know! :)

Now, I understand that there's some ancient feuds and oaths and whatnot blahblahblahdontcare, so basically I know YOU don't want these folks hanging around either. I just wanted to give you a heads-up. They've settled, they've grown and they're probably coming for you. I think it's in our best interests to co-operate, yeah?

Temporary friendship? ;) -H

Secret (Repeatable) Subdungeons

A lot of maps have a second, hidden "secret" subdungeon. Accessing the stairs of these secret subdungeons requires breaking walls (sometimes only a single wall tile, but sometimes two or more wall tiles). Finding the location of these subs can also be difficult without LEMMISI or BLUDTUPOWA, and often involves systemic search with a careful eye out for telltale wall edges within otherwise contiguous walls.

Entrance View Name Appears in Explored? Summary
Subdungeon Good Glenrick Entrance.png
Good Glenrick Anywhere No Secret subdungeon. A 7x5 dungeon with a warlord named Good Glenrick (lvl6, 9 dam, 10HP). He hopes you won't kill him for his awesome experience bonus.
Subdungeon Lots of Gold Entrance.png
Lots of Gold North, East, South (tbc center/west) No A 5x5 room with 20 small gold piles.
Subdungeon Blacksmiths Loot Entrance.png
Blacksmith Center, North, East (tbc west/south) No Secret subdungeon. A 5x5 room that contains one each of the following Blacksmith Items: Item: Perseverance Badge Perseverance Badge, Item: Sword Sword, Item: Shield Shield, Item: Bear Mace Bear Mace.
Subdungeon Level 1 surround entrance.png
Monster Den Anywhere No Secret subdungeon. A 5x5 Room containing 8x Lv 1 Monsters.