The Slime Pit

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In the wreckage of a former goblin sludge mine, an entire colony of gooey, corrosive nightmares waits for heroes to come along and be slimed upon.


The Slime Pit features Warlocks, Goo Blobs, Meat Men, Golems, and several unique monsters. Most have mediocre HP and attack (the same by level as a golem or serpent) and the following abilities:

Gelatinous Thing: Retaliate: Fireball

Slime Blob: Cursed (more durable than a Bandit)

Muck Walker: Undead, Weakening Strike

Acid Blob: poor HP, but Corrosive

Monster difficulty is 120%.


The two bosses of the Slime Pit are the Tower of Goo and Super Meat Man. These bosses are the same as fought elsewhere, but are relatively difficult because of the large pools of physical and magical resources needed to defeat them.

Special Considerations

Once you kill 10 enemies, all the Meat Men on the level begin to rot, which makes them all Poisonous and makes regen fighting them difficult. After you kill 10 more monsters the Meat Men rot further and become Corrosive as well--at this point it is probably not worth fighting any non-popcorn Meat Men. The boss, Super Meat Man, is fortunately not affected.


Recommended classes: Paladin, Monk, Warlord, Rogue.

This dungeon can be deceptively hard, because you need very different strategies against the normal monsters and the bosses. Most of the regular monsters have below average health, and inflict special conditions in melee like Weakness, Curse and Corrosion, which makes them susceptible to characters that can deal a lot of damage. On the other hand, the bosses are very durable, but deal below average damage and have no special hazards, being easiest to beat with characters who are themselves very durable. The ideal strategy copes with both types of challenge.

The Class: Paladin Paladin is one of the best classes to bring down the bosses, especially if he carries a Really Big Sword. Sadly, he is also very severely impacted by the adverse conditions inflicted by the regular denizens, especially if he carries said Really Big Sword. It is therefore recommended that initially the player focus on the Meat Men primarily, and the Gelatinous Things, Golems, and Goo Blobs secondarily, leaving the rest alone until they can be dealt with without any issue. The first opponent to defeat should be the Tower of Goo, after which the Really Big Sword can be converted, and the special monsters that were left alone at the start can finally be disposed of. Generally, improving resistances and/or damage reduction favors this strategy the most. Picking God: Taurog Taurog for this level makes sense, as he provides damage bonus and resistances at the same time. The Class: Monk Monk plays similarly to the Paladin. Consider, though, that without the starting Glyph: HALPMEH HALPMEH, Meat Men become dangerous as soon as they gain Poison strike, therefore eliminating them as quickly as possible is even more important.

The Class: Warlord Warlord is the antithesis of the Paladin for this dungeon, as he finds it very easy to dispose of most normal monsters, being generally unhindered by either Curse or Corrosion. He can reliably kill monsters that are 2 or more levels above himself. However, the bosses - especially the Super Meat Man - can be very challenging with this class. Again, the recommendation is to target the Tower of Goo first, and use as few resources as possible to defeat it, ideally lowering/ignoring its resistances via Really Big Sword, Binlor or Glowing Guardian, and potentially also leveling up mid-fight. The Super Meat Man might still force a change in strategy, which is when reserved blackspace and additional durability (resistances, sanguine, lifesteal, potions) can come in handy. Preparing the extra alchemy stores can be useful, because it can help wiping the Corrosion stacks, as well as purchase a Schadenfreude potion or a health / mana potion. The Class: Rogue Rogue plays similarly to the Warlord. Be careful to have enough Health to fight the bosses! Consider making your character a Dwarf, or worship a god that can give you more Health or Physical Resistance like Glowing Guardian, Jehora, or The Earthmother. It might be that you will be able to regen-fight the Super Meat Man earlier than the Tower of Goo due to its lower damage.


Bonus Bravery: Slime Pit

Defeat The Slime Pit with the Class: Tinker Goblin Tinker, Class: Transmuter Goblin Transmuter, and Class: Crusader Goblin Crusader

Reward - Item: Rock Heart Rock Heart and 500 Gold