Hexx Ruins

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In an almost impassible region of the southern swamp, a set of ancient ruins peeks out of the muck. This bridge to new realms is guarded by a force both mysterious and deadly.
Hexx Ruins
Region South
Difficulty Hard
Monster Stats 100%
Population Monster: Naga Naga, Monster: Serpent Serpent, Monster: Goo Blob Goo Blob, Monster: Gorgon Gorgon, Monster: Goblin Goblin, Monster: Meat Man Meat Man, Monster: Random Random
Bosses Boss: Stheno Stheno, Boss: Random boss Random boss]]
Suggested Classes Class: Paladin Paladin, Class: Rogue Rogue, Class: Warlord Warlord, Class: Rat Monarch Rat Monarch
Quests Quest: Stone Cold Crazy Stone Cold Crazy

Quest: Someone Say Loot? Someone Say Loot? Quest: Unlikely Heroes: Swamp Edition Unlikely Heroes: Swamp Edition

Unlock Complete Quest: Swamp Romp Swamp Romp
Hexx Ruins Map

In an almost impassible region of the southern swamp, a set of ancient ruins peeks out of the muck. This bridge to new realms is guarded by a force both mysterious and deadly.

Special Rules

Whenever an XP-valuable monster is slain, a Revenant of equal level rises in its place. Revenants grant no XP and have a poison attack. As well, whenever any monster dies, every Revenant will suddenly move in to surround you. If you don't kill the Revenants, they will quickly swarm you. Monsters killed within subdungeons do not rise as Revenants, nor do the bosses.


Quest: Stone Cold Crazy Stone Cold Crazy

Defeat Dungeon: Hexx Ruins Hexx Ruins

Unlocks: Dungeon: The Slime Pit The Slime Pit, Dungeon: Ick Swamp Ick Swamp

Quest: Someone Say Loot? Someone Say Loot?

Buy every item in Dungeon: Hexx Ruins Hexx Ruins (Item: Translocation Seal Translocation Seal do not count as buying)

Unlocks: Bazaar LV3

Quest: Unlikely Heroes: Swamp Edition Unlikely Heroes: Swamp Edition

Defeat Dungeon: Hexx Ruins Hexx Ruins with Class: Priest Gnome Priest, Class: Wizard Gnome Wizard, and Class: Berserker Gnome Berserker

Reward: 500 Gold Pile Icon 18.png


Boss: Stheno
Hard Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 75 120
Health Points 238 477
Dungeon: Hexx Ruins Hexx Ruins

Stheno has the abililty to absorb strength from the other monsters in the dungeon. When you first attack Stheno, every other monster will disappear and be converted into physical and magic resist (4% per absorbed monster). This also includes Revenants, but not monsters that reside in subdungeons, nor plants. There is also another boss chosen randomly. This second boss is not removed from play when Stheno absorbs monsters, but seeing as you are capable of using level-up catapults against this second boss it almost always preferable to leave Stheno for last.

Since Stheno cannot absorb monsters in subdungeons, it is possible to get a level-up anyways by preparing the Smuggler's Den and needing exactly 1 or 2 XP to level up. However, manipulating your experience so precisely will force you to leave some monsters alive for her to absorb, which may do more harm than it's worth. Race: Goblin Goblin is a more reliable way of getting a level-up against her.

If you move Stheno using Glyph: PISORF PISORF (even to an empty square), he is angered and absorbs all monsters. However, you can move him safely using Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT or Glyph: WONAFYT WONAFYT.


Your top priority is to avoid being surrounded by Revenants. These monsters are not overwhelmingly strong as individuals, but their poison attack means they can exhaust you as you fight and in large numbers they can pin you down and overwhelm you. If you have the Glyph: HALPMEH HALPMEH glyph, you can try to pick the Revenants off one at a time and then use your magic to cure the poison. You can also use the Glyph: IMAWAL IMAWAL glyph to turn them to stone. They're not worth experience points anyways, so it's no loss to you to brick 'em. However, IMAWAL can also cut off your avenues of escape, and may increase your chances of being trapped by Revenants in the future. To complement this, you can choose to worship the Earthmother. This yields a free IMAWAL glyph and 10 piety per IMAWAL use, even on Revenants. You will most likely max out your piety without sacrificing any actual resources.

The best way to stay safe from Revenants is to avoid creating too many to begin with. If you fight one or two powerful monsters, you will create one or two powerful Revenants. Although these will be dangerous opponents, there will not be enough of them at any given time to trap you. A swarm of 6 or 7 weaker Revenants is a much greater threat. By focusing on killing stronger monsters, you can level up very quickly, and by the time you've created a large number of Revenant you should have already gained enough levels to kill the weaker ones in a single blow.

Once you've figured out how you're going to deal with Revenants, your next problem is Stheno. If there are any monsters left on the level, Stheno will grow stronger when you begin the boss battle. Clearing out the entire dungeon is critical. IMAWAL is an effective way to remove any stragglers you don't want to bother fighting. It's not like you can get a mid-boss level up anyway. The best answer to this is brute force; find a combination of items, glyphs, and deities to make your character as powerful as possible and plough through those monsters, and then the boss.

One tricky strategy that can be used against Stheno is to employ many one-time bonuses to 1-hit-KO the boss. Since the first attack goes through before she absorbs the other monsters, this attack will not be affected by those extra resistances. However, pulling this off is usually more difficult than more conventional approaches.

Suggested Classes

Class: Paladin Paladin

He begins with the HALPMEH glyph, and the dungeon is almost exclusively physical damage. There's no more straightforward approach than this. The Human and Orc races are suggested for the Paladin.

Class: Rogue Rogue

With first strike and high damage, Rogues have an easier time getting 1-hit kills against Revenants. The difficulty will be improving their durability so they can survive more powerful enemies. The human race is recommended; you will need to find some way to boost your hit points (God boon: Absolution Absolution, God boon: Vine Form Vine Form and God boon: Boost Health Boost Health all work well for the Rogue here)

Class: Warlord Warlord

Using Glyph: CYDSTEPP CYDSTEPP, a Warlord can continue fighting effectively even while poisoned and at 1 HP, allowing him to kill Revenants without leaving himself helpless. The Race: Orc Orc and Race: Gnome Gnome races are recommended for Warlords.

Class: Rat Monarch Rat Monarch

An unconventional choice, but the Rat Monarch's corrosion stacks do not care at all about Stheno's resistance, which lets you play exactly like a normal dungeon without the need to kill everything. The random second boss will almost certainly be more threatening than her. The meat men, goo blobs and gorgons in this level are all easy fodder for the Rat Monarch.

However, revenants are considerably more dangerous for the Rat Monarch than anyone else, because you cannot kill even the weak ones in melee without being poisoned. You will need to dispose of almost every one with either fireballs or petrification, so be sure to prep the Earthmother.

Suggested Gods

God: The Earthmother The Earthmother

The free Glyph: IMAWAL IMAWAL glyph provides an easy way to get rid of revenants without fighting them, while also generating piety and bonus experience. You can easily generate more Earthmother piety on this map than virtually any other in the game, without sacrificing any XP-valuable monsters. The extra clutter this god naturally produces make it harder to avoid getting trapped by revenants, however.

Avoid worshipping God: Dracul Dracul, since he will deduct piety every time you kill a revenant, which you will need to do often. The God: Glowing Guardian Glowing Guardian will not reward you for revenant kills since they are worth no XP, nor do any other dieties.