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Unlocked by purchasing a Philosopher's Stone at a store and exiting the dungeon without dying. (Philosopher's Stone start appearing in stores as soon as you upgrade bazaar to level 2)


Level 0 - Horrible Wagon

This smells utterly awful.

  • Description: Faint tittering can be heard from inside the noisome wagon. "I haz secretz, but I need gold. Will make neat thingz."
  • Cost to upgrade: 1200g

Level 1 - Alchatraz Labz

The smell has become decidedly toxic.

  • Description: This makeshift lab is dedicated to the noble and vaporous study of alchemy. For years, alchemists have sought the means to transform plentiful gold into precious, useful, malleable lead. It would usher forth a glorious new era of good plumbing. "Moar gold! Then lead?"
  • Cost to upgrade: 1200g
  • Provides preparations:

Level 2 - Alchemy-4-Ye

This is truly the armpit of hell.

  • Description: The alchemist has come no closer to his ultimate, weighty goal, but his efforts have produced a slew of useful cantrips. In turn, you refuse to come any closer to the alchemist, although your adventurers have been known to brave the stink.
  • Provides preparations: