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The Thief Den is a building that houses the scoundrels of Desktop Dungeons. Initially only the Thief is available (at a cost of 150). Further upgrades later unlock the Rogue and Assassin classes as well as various support preparations.


Level 0 - Mrs Cake's 'Tea or Death'

A rather shady establishment in your kingdom that fronts for thieves and ne'er-do-wells. With a bit of spare cash, this lawless craphole could easily be developed into a state-sanctioned craphole.

  • Description: Tea shoppes: the Kingdom's dingiest, nastiest hovels, populated by brutes and lowlives of all kinds. To the establishment's credit, the chai is quite brilliant.
  • Cost to upgrade: 150g

Level 1 - Criminal Den

A dodgy neighbourhood where common crooks can be hired for somewhat uncharacteristic heroism and fairly characteristic dungeon looting.

  • Description: The Kingdom's criminals come in many flavours. Most of them can be found here, doing horrible things like selling insurance and training to become lawyers.
  • Cost to upgrade: 1000g
  • Provides:

Level 2 - Legitimate Pawn Shoppe

A hive of scum and villainy, filled with thieves and rogues of all kinds. They pay tax, so it's not really a problem.

  • Description: Only the most charismatic and influential sneaks are served at Uncle Shifty's Discount Emporium. The rest become impromptu dagger racks before they reach the counter.
  • Cost to upgrade: 2000g
  • Provides:
    • Class: Human Rogue.png Rogue unlocked
    • Bet on Boss: Gives an extra 50% gold from selling the boss trophy.
    • Black Market: All gold piles in the dungeon give +1 gold when prepped.
    • Monster: Unlocks the Gorgon Monster Icon.png Gorgon monster and adds it to your base monster pool.

Level 3 - Mossy Isle Casino

Welcome to the Mossy Isle Casino, high roller! Here you can lose your vast wealth to the classiest criminals in the business. Enjoy your stay.

  • Description: This is a haven for criminals with class, wealth and an uncanny knack for (literally) suriving the (literal) backstabbing of the shady business underworld. Visitors are regularly checked for concealed weapons and promptly murdered if none are found.
  • Provides:
    • Class: Human Assassin.png Assassin unlocked
    • Smuggler Den: Creates a small subdungeon that contains some blackspace, one of each booster, and two level one monsters.
    • Patches the Teddy: Starts the player with an item called Patches the Teddy, which has random positive and negative effects whenever the player levels
    • Monster: Unlocks the Bandit Monster Icon.png Bandit monster and adds it to your base monster pool.


Like other class buildings the Thief Den provides unique class challenges (bronze, silver, and gold) for each class.

Class Challenge Level Reward Description
Thief Bronze 150g The Dark Project
Silver Balanced Dagger.png Balanced Dagger The Metal Age
Gold ?? Veto slot*
Rogue Bronze 250g Going Rogue
Silver Gloves of Midas.png Gloves of Midas Wrath of Midas
Gold ?? Veto slot*
Assassin Bronze 350g Winter is Coming
Silver Venom Dagger.png Venom Dagger Creeplight Contract
Gold ?? Veto slot*
  • You must beat all 3 golds for the veto slot.