Southern Swamp

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The swamp is the home of serpents and naga. Poison and weakness can lay low even the mightiest of warriors, though rumors of sunken empires and epic treasures often pique the attention of self-styled 'excavators'.
Southern Swamp
Region South
Difficulty Normal
Monster Stats 100%
Population Monster: Naga Naga, Monster: Serpent Serpent, other unlocked monsters and Monster: Mysterious Murkshade Mysterious Murkshades
Bosses Boss: Jörmungandr Jörmungandr
Suggested Classes Class: Thief Thief, Class: Rogue Rogue
Quests Quest: Swamp Romp Swamp Romp
Unlock Complete Quest: Venture Capital Venture Capital, Quest: Dangerous Investments Dangerous Investments
Southern Swamp Map

The swamp is the home of serpents and naga. Poison and weakness can lay low even the mightiest of warriors, though rumors of sunken empires and epic treasures often pique the attention of self-styled 'excavators'.

Special Rules

Dungeon filled with Monster: Mysterious Murkshade Mysterious Murkshades


Quest: Swamp Romp Swamp Romp

Defeat Dungeon: Southern Swamp Southern Swamp with Class: Thief Thief and Class: Rogue Rogue

Reward: 250 Gold Pile Icon 18.png  Unlocks: Dungeon: Hexx Ruins Hexx Ruins


Boss: Jörmungandr
Normal Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 75 120
Health Points 318 636

The Monster: Serpent Serpent boss, Jörmungandr, is literally just an oversized snake. He has no additional special abilities other than improved attack damage and health that all bosses receive. Furthermore, Trait: Poisonous Poisonous is often inconsequential to have on a boss, since you will often be out of blackspace. Furthermore, you would be allocating additional resources (like Item: Health Potion Health Potion) to kill the boss anyway. This makes him one of the easiest bosses in the game.


This dungeon is full of nasty effects, such as weakening, poison, and mana burn, but by exercising caution you can avoid all of these things. You must defeat the dungeon with both the Class: Thief Thief and Class: Rogue Rogue to proceed further into the south, so these classes are the ideal ones to play as. If you have the race unlocked, the Race: Halfling Halfling makes an excellent thief. Otherwise, Race: Human Human makes a fine default. The Race: Dwarf Dwarf is the best choice for Rogue, compensating for his otherwise meager hit points in this early stage of the game where you have yet to unlock other sources of bonus hit points.

Monster: Mysterious Murkshade Mysterious Murkshade cause Trait: Mana burn Mana burn whenever you attack them. Since mana burn is cured on level-up and does not stack for any negative effects, you can simply clear the map of Murkshade just before you're about to level up and remove this hazard. The Monster: Naga Naga are much more dangerous enemies, as they permanently lower your damage by 1 point per hit with their Trait: Weakening Weakening ability. Avoid this at all costs, as the penalties rack up and will come back to haunt you. The Rogue has an easy time with Naga, as he can often finish them with a few fireballs followed by first strike and avoid the penalty altogether. The boss, an oversized Monster: Serpent Serpent, has a poisonous attack. This means that regen-fighting is ineffective against him, but standard approaches with potions and mid-battle level-ups will work just fine.


If you are playing a thief, try to find Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ early. Stab your enemies for your Class trait: STABBER STABBER bonus, then finish them off with two consecutive fireballs. This will become increasingly easier as you level up, due to the extra bonus from stat boosters, but cannot be used against Naga as you will be weakened. When you reach level 7, you may want to set up a mid-fight level up. Kill monsters until you are a few experience points short of level 8, then hurt the boss until you need to drink a potion. Kill a lower level monster to level up, refilling hp and mp. If you need to, use potions. This will be an easy fight if you still have your potions.


If you are playing a rogue, you will need to find away to take a hit from the boss. Playing as Race: Dwarf Dwarf is the best option, as with a mere 400 conversion points you can eliminate the Rogue's hit point penalty. God: The Earthmother The Earthmother can be unlocked in this dungeon and serves as an excellent source of bonus hit points. If you already have him unlocked, the God: Glowing Guardian Glowing Guardian also offers bonus hit points. God: Taurog Taurog is another deity option, offering death protection instead of bonus hit points. Be cautious if you choose to go with Taurog, as unlocking the Earthmother could disrupt your strategy and require restarting! However, he is risky as he limits your spellcasting ability. There are many options for bonus hit points from shop items if you already have these unlocked. As with the rogue, the Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ is vital as it allows you to defeat foes more easily, but you will want to fireball first then use your first strike to finish. This allows you to fight naga since you will avoid taking damage from them. Even if you lack the hit points to defeat the boss, you can often set up a mid-battle level-up and follow up with mana potions to barrage him with fireballs until he's injured enough to finish with a single blow.