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The Church is a building that houses the holy men and women of Desktop Dungeons. Initially only the Class: Priest Priest is available (at a cost of 150 Gold Pile Icon 18.png). Further upgrades later unlock the Class: Monk Monk and Class: Paladin Paladin classes as well as the ability to prepare religions.


Level 0 - Stony Field

A classic ancient holy site. A church or similar religious structure would look absolutely fabulous here.

These stones glow slightly with some ancient, sacred power. This scene practically begs for financial exploitation.

Cost to upgrade: 150 Gold Pile Icon 18.png

Level 1 - House Of The Holy

A simple parish church where holy men can be hired to kill monsters for fun and profit.

There is a simple church here, constructed near the standing stones. Nobody's sure who -- or what -- the church is supposed to be dedicated to, but it's a lucrative tourist distraction.

Cost to upgrade: 1000 Gold Pile Icon 18.png

Class: Class: Priest Priest unlocked

Level 2 - United Cathedral

A grand cathedral housing men and women of the cloth. Dedicated to the dual roles of worship and monster-bashing.

What a grand religious structure! It's hard to remember what it was dedicated to in the first place, but if visitors get the chance to chant, pray and tithe as much as they want, why worry?

Cost to upgrade: 2000 Gold Pile Icon 18.png

Class: Class: Monk Monk unlocked

Altars: Allows you to start preparing altars.

Monster: Unlocks the Monster: Serpent Serpent monster and adds it to your base monster pool.

Level 3 - The Ministry

The Ministry of Omnipotent Affairs is easily the Kingdom's most politically correct building, serving as an all-round worshipping point for the realm's gods. Quite an achievement considering that most of them don't really like one another.

Here stands your Kingdom's shining beacon of mortal-divine communications and relations: a catch-all structure that's ready to appease any and all omnipotent spiritual beings. All worship-related income is tax-exempt!

Class: Class: Paladin Paladin unlocked

Additional Altar: Once all the religions are unlocked, spawns a third altar in the dungeon.

Monster: Unlocks the Monster: Dragon Spawn Dragon Spawn monster and adds it to your base monster pool.


Like other class buildings Church provides unique class challenges (bronze, silver, and gold) for each class.

Challenge Preparations Description Reward
Priest Bronze ChallengePriest Bronze Challenge The Deadites None Legends of the Zompocalypse tell of one brave priest's struggle against the neverending army of darkness. It's a pretty vague prophecy, but it's good enough for you. 150 Gold Pile Icon 18.png
Priest Silver ChallengePriest Silver Challenge The Evil Zombie Bazaar, Witch The Zompocalypse is upon us! A very, very evil zombie has risen from the dead and terrifies pretty much everyone. It's up to you to use your unique undead-killing powers and put a stop to its evil scheme! Item: Stone Sigil Stone Sigil
Priest Gold ChallengePriest Gold Challenge The Triad None You've stopped the Zompocalypse, but can you go one step further and destroy it at its source? An ancient and powerful triad of undead lords controls the rituals that led to the Zompocalypse, and they will surely strike again unless someone sallies forth to defeat them once and for all! Return Slot*
Monk Bronze ChallengeMonk Bronze Challenge Meat Beat None It's raw, squelchy and its very existence is an affront to the monk order. It's a common creature known as the Meat Man, and you've been sent on a traditional pilgrimage to present your bare-fisted wrath to as many of them as possible. Your journey begins on the Isle of Blegh. 250 Gold Pile Icon 18.png
Monk Silver ChallengeMonk Silver Challenge Way of the Open Fist Alchemist, Witch Your pilgrimage continues into the swampy depths of the south. There, a foul mirror of the holy one's skill and resolve awaits. Item: Martyr Wraps Martyr Wraps
Monk Gold ChallengeMonk Gold Challenge Meat is Murder None The long journey ends with your greatest challenge yet. Within the abominable slime pits, strength of body and mind are constantly tested by foul and destructive beings. Return Slot*
Paladin Bronze ChallengePaladin Bronze Challenge Path of Light None The Glowing Guardian demands a champion to fight for his cause against a particularly galling undead lord. Since paladins are naturally quite good at championing things, it falls to you to get the job done. 350 Gold Pile Icon 18.png
Paladin Silver ChallengePaladin Silver Challenge Honour and Glory Alchemist, Blacksmith It's not only the Glowing Guardian who seeks spiritual champions, and the Paladins answer a wide range of calls -- paying homage through humility and kindness, or steel and glory. right now, Taurog seeks the latter sort of champion to dispose of some heretical dragonspawn. Item: Agnostic Collar Agnostic Collar
Paladin Gold ChallengePaladin Gold Challenge Holy Ground None Owing to a recent druid shortage, the Earthmother is looking for a Paladin to champion her cause. Not her first choice, but sometimes deities have to settle for general purpose holy men, y'know? She wants you to target and destroy a particularly irksome naga warrior in her name. Return Slot*

  • You must beat all 3 golds for the Return Slot.