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Tokoloshe Large.png
Imp Monster Icon.png
Attack.png 100%
Health.png 100%
Dungeon Specific

The Tokoloshe is a monster unique to the Havensdale Bridge dungeon. It is somewhat similar to a Monster: Goo Blob Goo Blob due to its 50% physical resistance, but is set aside by the cowardly trait and by the fact that it drops a Item: Tokoloshe Charm Tokoloshe Charm on death. These charms grant +5% magic resistance, which is useful since at least one of the bosses of Havensdale Bridge deals magic damage. As with all cowardly monsters, you should be mindful that it will retreat every time it is attacked, so always make sure you're prepared to explore a few tiles to chase after it or ensure its "escape route" is already explored to prevent any healing.