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Are you ready for a challenge? The Indomitable here will live up to its namesake, and only the most determined heroes will be able to crack its seemingly endless defenses.

This is a Vicious difficulty dungeon populated with many nasty minions such as Illusions and Animated Armors. While it may seem exactly like the regular Halls of Steel, there are a couple differences that make it much more difficult. It is unlocked by completing Halls of Steel with four classes.


Monsters: Animated armors, Wraiths, Warlocks, Steel Golems, and Illusions. Monster difficulty is 140%.

Animated Armor.png
The Indomitable
Hp.png 222 Attack.png 73 Death protection.png (50) Magical attack.jpg

Unlike the hard version of this dungeon you cannot get rid of the illusions, unless you kill them.


This dungeon has two fixed bosses.

  1. Count Blahblah - 1110 health, 120 attack, Undead, Magical Attack, Lifesteal 30%, Blinks.
  2. The Indomitable - 222 health, 73 attack, Magical Attack, Corrossive, Death Protection (50 layers)


As with other vicious difficulty dungeons, Vicious Steel is full of harder monsters and various debuffs. Though this dungeon is considered the easiest vicious dungeon because this is the only dungeon that the map does not try to cut you the main courtyard (outside of Dungeon: Vicious Gaan-Telet Vicious Gaan-Telet of course) and the Indomitable is easy to kill with proper preperations. This also makes VT rather easier than other vicious dungeons, as they were initially at 140% difficulty. All other bosses of vicious dungeons lie in the special subdungeon at 100% difficulty (120% for Dungeon: Naga City Naga City), getting enourmous bonus from VT's 160%-200% setting.

One notable part is more than half of monsters, including two bosses, are magic foes. This makes getting magic resistances a very useful and effective approach, making Berserker one of the top tier class for this dungeon. Also, wraiths and low-mid level animated armours are good target with fireball casting approach. Unfortunately Count Blahblah has high health so you must be very dedicated spellcaster to kill him with Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ, but is doable.Monster: Illusion Illusions and high level Monster: Animated Armour Animated Armours are just meh to any non-Class: Assassin Assassin class.

It's generally a good idea to leave some popcorns and lots of blackspaces for the first boss, the Indomitable. This boss can tackled at roughly ~7 player level with levelup catapult if you prepared right. If you can get at least 3 damage reduction from somewhere (boons, Item: Platemail Platemail, 2x Item: Shield Shield), you can easily mop up this boss at some point. Burn salve will help you a lot to wipe the corrosion stack.

God-wise, Taurog and Binlor are two great approaches. Taurog can give you 5 damage reduction and 15% magic resistance. Also many of the foes are magic, so you can easily rocketshoot your piety. Binlor can stack tons of magic resistances, and let you use a bunch of blackspaces behind the walls plus the secret sub, and gets good bonus damage if you push the Indomitable into the Cound Blahblah. Knockback also prevents Count Blahblah from blinking away.

Suggested Classes: Berserker, Bloodmage, Paladin, Sorcerer, Half-Dragon

If you play a Bloodmage use your fireballs to kill things above your level and bring a battle mage ring or burning heart so you can regen-fight monsters. When you get to the boss, use all your fireballs until you run out of mana. Then, turn on BLUDTUPOWA and reveal 3 tiles, bringing the boss to 31 hp. If you are at least level 7 you should deal 35 damage, removing another layer of death protection. When you run out of tiles use your mana potions, blood pools, and health potions to finish him off.

If you play a Paladin, try to maximize out your resistances so HALPMEH will be most effective. Avoid fighting wraiths, illusions, and steel golems, as the mana burn lower resists, and weakening can be crippling. When you cannot gain any more levels begin fighting the boss, but make sure there are tiles left to regen fight. When you fight the boss, get him as low as possible, then explore three tiles. Then, use HALPMEH and tank as many hits as you can. Then continue repeating this until you run tiles. Then use all other resources to outlast the boss. If you choose to play a Paladin, you must find a way to achieve max resists. One way to do this is to take Dracul or Taurog and The Pactmaker. Take the pact that gives resistances whenever you damage a new enemy and the piety from Taurog, or Dracul if need be, should cover the piety expense. Once again, when you are ready to take on The Indomitable, you must have a ton of tiles left to regenerate throughout the battle, because if you don't have tiles you won't even come close. If you worship Taurog, and take his shield(or prep or buy platemail) once the boss is decreased to 4 damage, it will not be able to do any damage, since enemies that would do no damage don't have corrosion take into account. Then you can take down the 30 or so remaining death protections with ease, and use your burn salve after.

If you are playing a sorcerer, use the your normal sorcerer strategy. Just make sure you don't get an untimely mana burn or any weakening. The mana shield takes out 2 death protections, so you should have no problem out lasting the boss.

The Berserker is by far the best class for the job because of his massive damage output and 50% magic resist. all I can say is get items to get your resist up to max (65%) and hold on for dear life. make sure to bring a burn salve and if possible you might want to have bazar spawn a few extra apathocaries so you can get a second one. then use one when you have gotten him down to about 30 death protections and use the other AFTER you get his head because he will drop some acid on the ground. then blah blah is just a whack fest so have fun.

Class: Half-Dragon Half-Dragon, despite being gated behind another vicious dungeon, works very well in this dungeon. If you prep a Item: Dragon Shield Dragon Shield that you should have if you unlocked the Class: Half-Dragon Half-Dragon, or Item: Elven Boots Elven Boots if you lack that, you will have enough magical resistance to survive most hits. From there, you'll want to find Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT (or Glyph: PISORF PISORF) and God: The Earthmother The Earthmother as soon as you can. Building 3 damage reduction from the Earthmother's God boon: Vine Form Vine Form will allow you to knock The Indomitable into BlahBlah without taking any damage. Do not use God boon: Plantation Plantation for piety! You can save the blood pools for hopefully God: Dracul Dracul. After you have the 3 God boon: Vine Form Vine Form boons, build up enough piety to switch to another god. God: Dracul Dracul is the most preferable for God boon: Blood Shield Blood Shield and God boon: Blood Tithe Blood Tithe. You can also Trait: Life steal Life steal with almost no downfall on The Indomitable after he is at 30 death protection. Before the fight move Blahblah next-next to the Indomitable. When it comes time to fight him, which level 7 or higher is suggested, quaff a Item: Can of Whupaz Can of Whupaz and slap BlahBlah towards the Indomitable. Your knockback should keep him from blinking, and this blow will make them next to each other. Using health potions or blood pools, heal up and start knocking The Indomitable into BlahBlah. Make sure you convert Glyph: WEYTWUT WEYTWUT first for extra knockback damage! Once The Indomitable is killed, BlahBlah should have about 300 to 500 health left, and you should still have mana potions and a Schadenfreude, enough to Fireball him to death.

Useful items are any sort of resist giving items, schadenfreude potions, and anything that gives knockback.


Due to Blahblah's high health and attack, it helps to use The Indomitable fight to weaken him. Before you fight The Indomitable, move him beside BlahBlah with WEYTWUT or knockback. Then, proceed to melee knockback The Indomitable into BlahBlah. Melee knockback will remove two death protections at once, so you can get at least 25 hits into BlahBlah.

The Indomitable's attack damage drops dramatically with every lost death protection, and shortly can be negated with at least 3 damage reduction. Despite being corroded, you will not take damage once his attack damage is less than or equal to your damage reduction. With Item: Platemail Platemail this can be achieved at ~40 remaining death protections. If you're able to negate the damage, it may help to heal up when the threshold has been reached, and Whupaz BlahBlah once before continuing to knockback The Indomitable. Don't Whupaz BlahBlah into The Indomitable, or he will blink away. If you can't negate the damage and have to regen fight the Indomitable, it's better to save your Whupaz until the end.

You can improve your results by increasing your knockback damage. Item: Bear Mace Bear Mace, God boon: Stone Fist Stone Fist, Trait: Corrosive Corrosive, and increasing your base damage will help. With enough damage, you can have BlahBlah anywhere from 50% health to 1 hp before his fight even begins.



Razor Blade Smile - Complete Dungeon: Vicious Steel Vicious Steel with any 3 classes. Unlocks the playable Class: Vampire Vampire monster class.