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The Bank determines the maximum quantity of gold your kingdom can hoard. If you exceed the bank's limit, your adventurers will stop earning gold until the bank is upgraded. The Bank also determines how much gold your adventurers carry with them into the dungeon.

A level 1 Bank is received for free upon completing the introductory banker quests, Dangerous Investments and Venture Capital. It is upgraded to level 2 upon completing What's a Moneybin?, and to level 3 upon completing Automagic Teleport Machine.


Level 1 - Orson, Murkob and Grubbs

Loan sharks. The precursor to formal banking systems the world over!

  • Description: By channeling the ancient art of economics, these financomancers are adept at funneling gold out of the kingdom and into an adventurer's pocket.
  • Kingdom gold limit: 1500
  • Adventurer starting allowance: 15

Level 2 - Orson, Murkob and Grubbs Limited

It's a bank. Arguably the least exciting building in your entire kingdom.

  • Kingdom gold limit: 4000
  • Adventurer starting allowance: 20

Level 3 - Orson, Murkob and Grubbs International

It's a bank. Not very exciting, but at least it's jolly big.

  • Kingdom gold limit: 10000
  • Adventurer starting allowance: 25
  • Sells up to three veto slots through the level 3 Bazaar. The first slot costs 19999 gold; the second costs 59999; the third costs 79999.
  • Sells additional lockers through the guild. The first locker costs 9999 gold; the second costs 39999; the third costs 99999.
  • Though the bank will remain "level 3", you can purchase upgrades which raise the kingdom gold cap and adventurer allowance.
    • First upgrade (10000 gold): Kingdom gold cap 20000, +1 adventurer allowance
    • Second upgrade (20000 gold): Kingdom gold cap 40000, +1 adventurer allowance
    • Third upgrade (40000 gold): Kingdom gold cap 60000, +1 adventurer allowance
    • Fourth upgrade (60000 gold): Kingdom gold cap 80000, +1 adventurer allowance
    • Fifth upgrade (80000 gold): Kingdom gold cap 100000, +1 adventurer allowance