Havendale Bridge

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A distant valley lies hidden from the world, nestled between mountains and protected by a mighty river. Travelers report malevolent spirits stirring up the waters and trolls guarding the few crossing points that exist.

Monster difficulty is 105%.

Bridge Troll

This level is bisected by a river with only one crossing. The bridge is guarded by a Bridge Troll, a level 5 monster with berserking, fast healing, and 50% Physical and Magic resistances. It's more difficult than a typical level 5 monster and many characters will be unable to defeat it using only the resources on the first side of the bridge. You can pay 20 gold instead of fighting the troll to access the other side. The WEYTWUT, WONAFYT and PISORF glyphs, if found, can be used to bypass the monster and fight it at a later time. The Bear Mace can also be used for this purpose, making it a good preparation for this dungeon. When defeated, the Bridge Troll drops a Sensation Stone, an item that has no powers but is worth 150 conversion points. In addition, if you use the Item: Slayer Wand Slayer Wand on the Bridge Troll, it will drop a Sensation Stone but will respawn on the same spot as a level 10 version with much higher stats. This level 10 version will also drop a Sensation Stone when killed.


The fixed boss on this level is Zin Kibaru: 418 health, 78 damage, 25% Magic resistance, Magical Attack, and Undead. The Tokoloshes on this level each drop a Tokoloshe Charm, a small item that gives 5% magic resistance, so this boss tends to be relatively manageable. The other boss is random.


Troll Toll

Defeat Havendale Bridge

Reward - The Labyrinth, Magma Mines

Unlikely Heroes: Forest Edition

Defeat Havendale Bridge with Class: Wizard Halfling Wizard, Class: Monk Halfling Monk, and Class: Rogue Halfling Rogue

Reward - 500 Gold