Berserker Camp

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The recent undead uprising has agitated members of the local Jötunncarve tribe. Unfortunately, 'agitated' in berserker terms tends to incorporate various degrees of murderous rage.
Berserker Camp
Region North
Difficulty Hard
Monster Stats 100%
Population Monster: Berserker Berserker, Monster: Zombie Zombie, Monster: Burn Viper Burn Viper, Monster: Frozen Troll Frozen Troll, Monster: Warlock Warlock, Monster: Wraith Wraith
Bosses Boss: Bjôrn Ulfhéôinn Bjôrn Ulfhéôinn, Boss: Random boss Random boss]]
Suggested Classes Class: Assassin Assassin, Class: Bloodmage Bloodmage, Class: Fighter Fighter, Class: Rogue Rogue, Class: Sorcerer Sorcerer, Class: Warlord Warlord, Class: Wizard Wizard
Quests Quest: Ice and Fury Ice and Fury

Quest: Complicated tasks, pt 5 Complicated tasks, pt 5

Unlock Complete Quest: Cult of Personality Cult of Personality
Berserker Camp Map

The recent undead uprising has agitated members of the local Jötunncarve tribe. Unfortunately, 'agitated' in berserker terms tends to incorporate various degrees of murderous rage.

Special Rules

The Dungeon: Berserker Camp Berserker Camp is divided in half by a chasm with a single crossing point, and also tends to have monsters blocking narrow passages. As a result, navigating the dungeon will be one of your biggest challenges. Moreover, it is 18 by 18, 76 tiles fewer than usual 20x20 dungeons, thus making it 19% smaller. This dungeon is fairly unique in that most monsters are low-HP and have no magic resistance, and the only thing preventing fireball spamming is a magic-resistant boss. Monster: Berserker Berserker monster is also unique to this dungeon due to unique ability to level up. Any berserker which is equal or lower-level than you will automatically level up when you do. As a result, you will never encounter a berserker who is a lower level than yourself. This level-up effect will also remove any debuffs (such as slow) and damage from the berserkers.


Quest: Ice and Fury Ice and Fury

Defeat Dungeon: Berserker Camp Berserker Camp with any four classes

Reward: Item: Fire Heart Fire Heart

Quest: Complicated tasks, pt 5 Complicated tasks, pt 5

Defeat Dungeon: Berserker Camp Berserker Camp with a Class: Sorcerer Sorcerer, earning Badge: Warmonger Warmonger

Reward: Item: Schadenfreude Potion Schadenfreude Potion will appear in the dungeon apothecary

Since you're required to win without using glyphs, preparing God: Taurog Taurog is a no-brainer here. This is actually not nearly as bad as it first appears, since Bjorn can be easily defeated using a chain of God boon: Unstoppable Fury Unstoppable Fury. You may have some trouble with your early level-ups due to a lack of spellcasting, but this can be compensated for with good preparations.


Boss: Bjôrn Ulfhéôinn
Hard Difficulty with Vicious Token
Attack 75 120
Health Points 198 397
Trait: Berserks Berserks at 50% Trait: Magic resist Magic resist 50%
Dungeon: Berserker Camp Berserker Camp

The berserker boss is Bjorn, and he adds magic resistance to the normal berserking special of his lesser kin. In effect he's a toned down version of Bleaty. As a result you can't count on Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ to pound him into submission, but he's still held back by low hit points and general fragility. Any method of a prolonged non-fireball damage spike can take him down easily.


Almost all the monsters in the berserker camp are high damage / low health, and very vulnerable to the Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ glyph. While Bjorn himself will shrug off fireballs, you can rely heavily on fireball damage in your early level-ups. Any damage-spiking method will work effectively in this context due to the general fragility of the monsters here. Regen-fighting is generally not effective here.

Monster: Burn Viper Burn Viper is a particularly vexing foe. Due to the large number of natural barriers, it can be very difficult to chase down. During early exploration, the chances of a burn snake retreating to an inaccessible area are very high, and avoiding combat with them is highly advised. You will also encounter Monster: Frozen Troll Frozen Troll on this level. This monster has heavy hit points and high resistances, making it highly resistant to damage-spiking strategies.

A typical approach to the dungeon is to focus heavily on damage-spiking and then more or less ignore the burn serpents and frozen trolls. Since the wraiths, warlocks, and berserkers all share a weakness to damage-spiking (particularly fireballs), there is often more than sufficient fodder to level up. Preparing the fireball magnet is often a very good idea, and any good damage-spiking glyphs (such as Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE, Glyph: ENDISWAL ENDISWAL or Glyph: CYDSTEPP CYDSTEPP) will work very well.

Any class capable of sustaining a prolonged damage spike should have no problems here. Class: Assassin Assassin must be mindful to remove berserkers early, since they are not vulnerable to Class trait: SWIFT HAND SWIFT HAND, but is otherwise well-suited to the dungeon.