The Evil Zombie

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The Evil Zombie dungeon is the Class: Priest Priest silver challenge. It's a unique maze-like dungeon with roughly 30% water at the top and bottom edges.


Witch and Bazaar.

Resources Available

The dungeon will always have the Glyph: LEMMISI LEMMISI and the normally fixed Glyph: BURNDAYRAZ BURNDAYRAZ glyphs, and has regular shops. There are no subdungeons or altars.

Special Rules

There are no Mana Boosters or Potions in this dungeon. There are three extra Attack boosters and three extra Healing Potions instead.


Monster: Golem Golem: Magic Resist 50%

Monster: Meat Man Meat Man

Monster: Serpent Serpent: Poison

Monster: Warlock Warlock: Magical Attack

Monster: Zombie Zombie: Bloodless, Undead


The boss is Mister Evil (Monster: Zombie Zombie icon, Attack 105, Health 2220, Undead, Bloodless).


The recommended race is the Race: Halfling Halfling. Mister Evil has a lot of health, and does enough damage to prevent most characters from surviving two hits. Playing as a Class: Priest Halfling Priest allows for 6+ extra Health Potions, which should be just enough to defeat the boss as of level 8 or so. The challenge could also be possible with a Race: Dwarf Dwarf, however this character needs to build up at least 211 Health (or sport physical resistance) to survive two hits from the boss, to compensate for the lower amount of Health Potions available. Since - barring a lucky store selection - this requires Level 9 or 10, while the Halfling can win at Level 8 or 9, this makes the Dwarf play riskier.