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WIZARD.EXE is a subdungeon that is found in the north. It is small, has no explorable tiles and contains only a single Golem who offers to take your glyphs in exchange for specific benefits. Only certain glyphs are applicable, and he provides a different item or group of items in exchange for them:

  • BLUDTUPOWA.png BLUDTUPOWA: 3 Mana Potions
  • CYDSTEPP.png CYDSTEPP: 2 PROTECT.EXE (Small item, consume to gain Death Protection)
  • ENDISWAL.png ENDISWAL: ARMOUR.EXE (20% Physical Resist)
  • HALPMEH.png HALPMEH: 2 Health Potions
  • IMAWAL.png IMAWAL: Gain Learning
  • LEMMISI.png LEMMISI: Compression, Translocation, Transmutation scrolls
  • WONAFYT.png WONAFYT: 2 Slayer Wands
  • Everything Else: Nothing