Yin and Yang

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The Yin Yang subdungeon contains two dangerous enemies, the Eternal Yin and the Immortal Yang. You must slay both two in two consecutive strikes in order to be victories. If you kill one but take more than one attack to slay the other, then the original will merely reappear. Since these are non-XP giving enemies, there is very little way to make use of this eternal respawning, as they are now Bloodless.png bloodless in the Release version. In the Alpha they were not; VampireHero.png Vampire characters or followers of Dracul Icon.png Dracul might have some dastardly use for an endless supply of enemies...


If you can manage to kill them, you will be granted the Blade of Yin.png Blade of Yin and Yang's Sword.png Yang's Sword, which are small items that grant +3 base attack and can be consumed to grant a layer of death protection.

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