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Desktop Dungeons has a multitude of Quests that help to develop the Kingdom and unlock content for the adventurer. If you ever need to check the status of Quests visit the Tavern.


Quest Prereq Reward Unlocks Quest Description
?? Taxidermist

New buildings available - Theif Den, Church, Mage Tower

Gather a Goat Horn from one of the starter dungeons (BAAdlands, Vince’s Vault, or Thousand Cuts)
City Expansion
Taxidermy! 100g Elves and Dwarves housing buildings can be purchased

Quests available - Dangerous Investments, Venture Capital, Find the Halflings, Find the Gnomes

Complete the remaining 2 starter dungeons
Dangerous Investments
City Expansion Unlocks Bank building Defeat the banker in Den of Danger
Venture Capital
City Expansion Defeat the banker in Venture Cave
Find the Halflings
City Expansion Halflings housing building can be purchased Find and rescue the Halflings in Den of Danger
Find the Gnomes
City Expansion Gnome housing building can be purchased Find the Gnome in Venture Cave
Beginner's Brigade
Defeat the Den of Danger with every tier 1 class
Desert Rose
Dangerous Investment/Venture Capital