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The Toe to Toe dungeon is the Class: Fighter Fighter silver challenge.

A particularly troublesome djinn thinks it's being smart by harassing our northern caravans with illusion magic and wild beasts. Mere guards cannot hope to defend against this: this matter needs someone made of sterner stuff.
Monsters: All unlocked monsters and Desert Trolls
Boss: Imadjinnius
Recommended Preparations: Perseverance Badge Recommended Race(s): Dwarf or Orc


This challenge is basically Northern Desert with different boss. Unfortunately the boss has Trait: Retaliate: Fireball Retaliate: Fireball so you are going to have to take every one of his 125 damage shots. The most important thing is the guaranteed Glyph: GETINDARE GETINDARE spawn. Use to level up as much as possible, preferably to level 10. That's 180 hp as dwarf or 130 as an orc. Though potions, your Trait: Death Protection Death Protection, a dodge (if you get lucky), and first strike. Beating this challenge will give you Item: Platemail Platemail.

Another strategy is to use Glyph: PISORF PISORF and knock the boss through walls. Suggested races for this strategy are gnome or orc, and useful items are the Item: Crystal Ball Crystal Ball and Item: Trisword Trisword.