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Welcome to the Desktop Dungeons Wiki!

Desktop Dungeons

NOTE: The Wiki was recently hit by a botnet, so we've disabled all anonymous editing. if you do find a page that is mangled, revent it to a previous good version, or delete it if it's a new page. Thanks for the help :)

If you've never played a roguelike before, prepare to die, because you will! A lot! Desktop Dungeons was designed as a quick 5-15 minute mini-roguelike experience for you to enjoy without having to lose yourself for hours in the more complex roguelikes such as Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. (DD is also heavily inspired by DCSS.)

In the coming weeks this will be established as the #1 source for information about the PC game Desktop Dungeons. Registration is easier than most forums; feel free to contribute if you spot any inaccurate information.

Game information

  • New Players Guide - Get started here
  • The Dungeon - An overall look at the dungeons you'll find
  • Races - Descriptions of the tasty glyph eating strategies
  • Classes - Descriptions and successful strategies
  • Strategy - General strategies not specific to a particular class
  • Glyphs - Information on glyphs.
  • Leveling - Details on how the game's leveling and experience system works
  • Gods - The depravity of devious deities divulged!
  • Items - Details on item functionality
  • Monsters - Descriptions and strategies for overcoming the deadly denizens of Desktop Dungeons!
  • Scoring - For when you've unlocked Ranked games

Feedback and media

  • Feedback - For discussion of existing game features and known issues
  • Brainstorming - For discussion of new ideas
  • Media - Collections of what has been scribed, sung or shouted about the game elsewhere.
  • Tilesets - New graphics sets created by the player community

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